"Hail, thou full of grace! Be not ashamed, as if thou wert the cause of our condemnation. For thou art made the Mother of Him who is at once our Judge and our Redeemer. Hail, thou stainless Mother of the Bridegroom of a world bereft! Hail, thou that hast sunk in thy womb the death (that came) of the mother (Eve)! Hail, thou equal home of heaven and earth alike. Hail, thou amplest receptacle of the illimitable nature."*


"Since through Eve, a virgin, came death, it behoved that through a Virgin, or rather from a virgin, should life appear. That as the Serpent had deceived the one, so Gabriel might come and bring glad tidings to the other."+

"Eve being born from Adam's side without a mother, Jesus Christ was born from His Mother without father. For the female sex owed a debt to man; and this Mary paid by giving birth to Jesus Christ of herself alone, by the Holy Ghost, through the power of God."++


"The woman hath made an excuse for the woman... The one through the wood brought in sin: the other through the wood brought in against it a blessing."**


"By a Virgin has the world been set free, which had of old through a virgin fallen under sin."||


"Brethren, sons of Eve, let us listen to the fall of our first Mother, a fall which Mary repaired... Through Eve the beautiful and desirable glory of man was extinguished, but through Mary it has revived."***

"The foolish mother is the fountain of our miseries, but her prudent sister is the treasury of our joys."+++

"Adam by means of the new Eve entered again into paradise."****

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