"The book of the generation of Jesus Christ the son of David; the son of Abraham." -- Matt. i. 1-7.

"Think not that thou hearest small things in hearing of this generation. But lift up thy soul, be straightway astonished and shudder, at hearing that God has come upon earth. For so wondrous and unlooked for was this, that thereat the angels gathered together in their choirs, offered praise and glory in behalf of the world for the same; and already were the prophets of old in amazement that God was to be born on earth and converse with men.* For astounding exceedingly is it to hear that God, ineffably inexpressible, incomprehensible, co-equal with the Father, should come by a virginal womb, deign to be born of a woman, and take for forefathers David and Abraham. But why speak of David and Abraham? What is indeed far more astounding -- those sinful women of whom we have just now made mention. Hearing these things, raise up thy soul, and have thought of nothing mean and low; but marvel exceedingly at this, that being the Son of God, without beginning, even His own very Son, He endured to be called the Son of David, in order that He might make thee the son of God, and condescended to have a slave for His father, that He might make the Lord of all a Father to thee the slave. Seest thou at once from the beginning what the Gospels are? But if thou doubtest of what concerns thyself, learn then to believe it from what concerns Him. For it were much more hard, according to human reason, that God should become man, than that man should be called the son of God. WHen, then, thou hearest that the Son of God is Son of David, and of Abraham, no longer doubt that even thou too, a son of Adam, will be son of God. For not in vain and to no purpose did He humble Himself so low, but that He intended to lift us up...."+

* Baruch. iii. 38.

+ In Matt. Hom. ii. 2.


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