When as His Mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, etc. Whose, is this His? Of the Only-begotten God she is Mother, of the Lord and King of all, of the Maker and Creator of all things. Of Him who on high is without mother, on earth without father. Of Him who in heaven, according to His Godhead, is in the bosom of the Father, and on earth, according to His assumption of a body, is in the bosom of His Mother. O grace of great admiration! O inexpressible sweetness! O unspeakable and mighty Sacrament!"*

"Joseph son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife." -- Matt. i. 20.

"Take her as a heavenly treasure given to thee to guard, even as the riches of the Deity, as the fulness of sanctity, as perfect justice. Take her and keep her, as the abode of the Only-begotten, as His venerable temple, as the house of God, as the property of the Creator of all things, as the immaculate home of the heavenly King and Spouse... For the Only-begotten Son of the Father has been engendered of the Virgin, that He might once more renovate and raise up that former virgin Eve who had fallen; and that He might make children of God by the adoption of grace, those who had by perverse will become children of the devil... Behold, a Virgin shall receive in her womb. Hear that the Virgin will receive offspring in her womb not from the fathers' concupiscence, since she was neither deceived by persuasion of the serpent, nor infected by his venomous influences. The Virgin shall receive in her womb that she may give birth to God, who in His mercy will become Incarnate for the salvation of the world, for the binding of the strong armed one, for the treading under foot of the head of the impious serpent, and the trampling down all his strength. She will bring forth a Son to repair Adam once more, to set aside Eve's disobedience by the obedience of Mary, to raise up the race of those who lie prostrate, which had been cast down of old by the woman's rash credulity....

"Christ needs no father on earth, for He owns an incorruptible Father in heaven. He needs no mother in heaven, since He owns a pure and stainless Mother on earth -- even the most Blessed Virgin Mary."+


"In the sixth month, the Angel Gabriel was sent from God to a Virgin," etc. -- Luke i. 26, 27.

"The tenor of his message was as follows. I am moved by My compassion to descend to earth in order to recover the lost Adam. Sin made him to decay who was made to My image, and hath corrupted the work of My hands, and obscured the beauty which I formed... Go therefore to the Virgin Mary. Pass thou on to the animate city whereof the prophet spake these words: Glorious things are said of thee, O city of God.++ Go, then, to My rational paradise, to the Gate of the East, to the place of sojourn that is worthy of My Word, that hath appeared as a heaven upon earth; go to the light cloud, and announce to it the shower of My coming; go to the sanctuary prepared for Me, to the hall of the Incarnation, to the pure chamber of My generation according to the flesh. Speak in the ears of My rational ark, so as to prepare for Me the accesses of hearing. But disturb not nor vex the soul of Mary. Manifest thyself in such wise as becomes that sanctuary, and salute her first with the voice of gladness. Address Mary with the salutation Hail, full of grace, that I may show compassion for Eve in her depravation.

* Hom. i., Decem in diversos Matthaei et Joannis locos.. Int. Opp. Origenis.

+ Ib.

++ Ps. lxxxvi. 3.



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