"Jacob, directing his words to Him (i.e. to Jesus Christ), says, From a shoot my Son didst Thou spring up (ek blastou, uie mou, anebes as is the reading in the lxx.) indicating that the shoot is Mary, and declaring Mary's unsullied purity."*

"Blessings of the breasts and of the womb." -- xlix. 25.

"By this is meant that the true blessing from heaven is the Spirit descending through the Word upon flesh. And by the breasts and the womb, he means the blessings of the Virgin."+


"And the Lord appeared to Moses in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush: and he saw that the bush was on fire and was not burnt." -- iii. 2.

"In the fire Moses saw thy beauty in shadow, O daughter of David, in whose bosom dwelt the Flame, and thou wert not consumed, O Mother of God, and full of grace."++

"O burning bush unconsumed, open meadow,** and blossoming rod of Aaron!|| For thou, truly, wert the rod, and thy Son the flower; since from the root of David and Solomon blossomed forth Christ, our Creator, the Almighty God and Lord, the alone Most High. Of Him who is God and Man, art thou Mother, Virgin before birth, Virgin in birth, and Virgin after birth."***

"Dost thou not in the burning bush recognise Mary?"+++

"And Beseleel made also the ark of setim-wood... and he overlaid it with the purest gold within and without." -- xxxvi., xxv. 10, 11.

"And Bezaleel made an ark of undecaying wood, a type of the Body of Immanuel, which is incorruptible and not soiled by sin. By the gold within and without he indicates the Divine Nature of the Word, which was united unto all the functions (Syr. vessels) of the soul and the body in a manner no discourse can reach, seeing he anointed our manhood with His Godhead."|||

"The Ark would be the type and image of Christ: for if we look back to the way of the Incarnation of the Only-begotten, we shall see that it is in the temple of the Virgin, as in an ark that the Word of God took up His abode. For in Him dwelt all the fulness of the Godhead bodily,++++ as the Scripture saith.

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