Ps. lxxxiii. Wisd. ix. 1. Heb. ix. 3.

"A king's palace was Mary to Thee, O Son of the King, and a Holy of holies by Thee, O High-priest."*

"Truth is sprung out of the earth." -- lxxxiv. 12.

"The Mother of God is indeed a myriad times pure. From Adam, from Abraham, from David -- nay, from her own self was it in verity that sprung forth the Truth."+

"What is that truth which is sprung out of the earth? A rod shall come forth from the root of Jesse, and a flower shall come forth from its root.++ And in another place: God hath wrought salvation in the midst of the earth.**

... Behold, then, the Truth: the Saviour from the earth, that is, who is sprung from Mary."||

"What more wondrous than the Virgin's childbirth? She conceives, and is a Virgin: she brings forth, and is a Virgin. He is created from her whom He created: He brought to her fecundity, corrupted not integrity. From whence is Mary? From Adam. From whence Adam? From earth. If Mary is from Adam, and Adam from earth, it follows that Mary too is from earth. But if Mary is from earth, let us acknowledge the truth of what we sing, Truth is sprung out of the earth. What is the benefit she bestowed on us? Truth is sprung out of the earth, and justice hath looked down from heaven."***

"Save the son of Thy handmaid." -- lxxxv. 16.

"The Lord was son of a handmaid. What handmaid? The same who, on His being announced to her, as to be born of her, made answer, saying: Behold the handmaid of the Lord, be it done to me according to thy word."+++

Compare with this S. Augustine's interpretation of Ps. cxv. 16. I am Thy servant, and the Son of Thy handmaid."

"He is the Son of the heavenly Jerusalem, which is above, the free Mother of us all; and in truth free from sin, and the handmaid of justice."|||

This shows how intimately connected, and so to say, identical were Mary and the Church in the thought of S. Augustine -- as also in the mind of so many of the Fathers -- and that what was said of the one equally applied to the other.

* S. Ephrem, De Natal. Dom. xii. Morris, p. 53.

+ Theodoret. in loc. P. G. Tom. 80, p. 1552. The wording in the Greek is somewhat obscure. It is interpreted thus: The earth whence Truth has sprung is Mary, pure above all measure. But Mary, although most pure, had her origin from David, Abraham, Adam, and consequently from earth: Hence what the Psalmist says is verified: Truth is sprung out of the earth.

++ Is. xi. 1.

** Ps. lxxxiii. 12.

|| Brev. in Psalt. in loc.

*** S. Augustine, Serm. 189. In Nat. Dom. vi. n. 2.

+++ Id., Enarratio in Ps. lxxvi.

||| Ib. in Ps. cxv. 16.



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