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His Eminence Herbert Cardinal Vaughan,

Archbishop of Westminster,
Cardinal Priest of the Title of San Gregorio on the Coelian Hill.

My Lord Cardinal,

            I am very grateful to your Eminence for having permitted me to dedicate this book to you, and that you have so kindly promised to write for it some words of preface.

    It struck me as a circumstance of happy omen that the publication of my volume on S. Peter's Roman Episcopate, should, after several years' labour, coincide with the Sacerdotal Jubilee of Our Holy Father Leo XIII., and be dedicated to the illustrious Cardinal Newman. And it now affords me increased encouragement that this Patristic work in testimony of Our Lady's privileges, should, at length, appear in the year of His Episcopal Jubilee, and be dedicated to your Eminence, who has, in conjunction with all the Bishops of the Province of Westminster, so recently made the solemn act of consecrating our country anew to the Blessed Virgin and S. Peter, at the initiation of the Supreme Pontiff, and after his explicit recognition of England's claim to her ancient and glorious Title of "The Dowry of Mary."

            I remain,
                   My Lord Cardinal,
                                  With much respect,
                                              Your devoted Servant,
                                                           T. LIVIUS, C.SS.R.

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