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As a public service (yeah, right), I'll be putting up all the fanfic I have on disk, in its current state. It's all rated G or PG. Fragments are marked FR (and there's a lot of them).

If you like one of these (or you'd like to help finish one, which would be a blessing and a gift), let me know!

What Once Went Wrong

I always thought it was a shame that Stringfellow Hawke never got his brother St. John out of Vietnam. In the 4th season (on USA Network), St. John did get out -- but String and Dom died (and Cait and Le Van, St. John's son, weren't even mentioned), which is not my idea of a happy ending. So. First I decided to write an alternate universe story where everything turned out. But since I had written "Watch Your Back" by then, I was no longer in total denial of the 4th season. I wanted to fix it all.

Then I read these two stories and was inspired.
"Those Magnificent Men...." by Andrea, and its "Proposed Ending" by Angela Duncan.

The cycle thus far:

Watch Your Back. Takes place during the 4th season premiere. Caitlin O'Shanessy talks to Jo Santini at Dominic's funeral. (8K)

FR --Quantum Wolf. Sam leaps into a man named Michael Coldsmith-Briggs. Unfortunately for Al, the Michael and Cait of his time have decided to pay him a visit. (14K)

Monica's Choice. Airwolf meets Touched by an Angel as Monica, still on Search and Rescue duty, has a decision to make. (3K)

Going Home
I: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. String goes to get his brother St. John out of Laos. (38K)
II: Miles to Go An old enemy interferes with their plans. (34K) Updated 8/24/98.
FR-- III: Are We There Yet? The freed POWs arrive home to a hero's welcome. Guest characters from Quantum Leap, JAG and Magnum PI. (21K)
FR-- IV: St. John gets used to his life and augmented family.
FR --V: Where the Heart Is. String gets his happy ending. (23K) Updated 10/27/97.

FR --Cellists: Stringfellow Hawke meets a cellist from Sarajevo. (4K)
[I can't finish it yet, because I haven't figured out what Airwolf was doing during the Sarajevo problems; one would think Airwolf could certainly have solved many of the siege problems. Permanently.]

Crossovers, Crossovers, Crossovers!


Unfinished-- Helicopters in Black. Agents Mulder and Scully investigate unmarked helicopter sightings. (6K)


The Dark of Your Hair: my second Airwolf filk ever, and the first was even more dire....

Fair Catherine and the Cursed Knight has a plot that may seem, um, familiar...Yes, I am a shameless fangirl. Why do you ask?

The net's main Airwolf fanfic archive is over at the unofficial Airwolf homepage. is currently down, but will return shortly. For now, Airwolf discussion continues on the newsgroup and on the message boards at

Loch Ness has a superlative trilogy of Airwolf novels available on her homepage under "Fan fiction by Loch Ness".

The Wolf's Lair used to be the fanfiction site for The Official Alex Cord Website, but now it's open for all Airwolf fics.

Mary Anne Espenshade has "Things Aren't Always What They Seem", a very good story up which bridges the gap between 3rd and 4th season in a manner acceptable to all fans of the show.

"The Bionic Wolf Affair" is an excellent Airwolf/One Million Dollar Man/Bionic Woman crossover by Jane Leavell.

On the frivolous side, Mr. T vs. Airwolf. "Forget the Cold War -- this is a ratings war!"

"Fox Hunt" by Sheila Paulson is a Real Ghostbusters/Riptide crossover with a guest appearance by Airwolf.

If you're interested in reading or writing part of the new Fanfic Fifth Season, go check it out.

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