A circle of filkers. No, I can't draw.


Lyrics: Maureen O'Brien, 1990 or so?
Music: Michael Longcor, "Rhinotelexomania"

I thought that I had heard it all; I thought I knew what's sick.
Then out came Michael Longcor and he became my pick.
"Rhinotelexomania" -- it may have been the first,
But knowing all of you, I knew: it wouldn't be the worst.
"Mucoidal Periodontia" - in a few minutes' slime Tom sinned.
"Philoflatulantia" - Miri nose what's in the wind.
"Anal Methanalately" - hot air doesn't go to waste.
But "Rhinotelexocoprophagy" proved Moonwulf's got good taste.

We've thrown a lot of puns around, we've gone from top to bottom,
And as for Greek and Latin words, the filkers here have got 'em.
But if you want to know the mission that's brought us to this pass,
I'll tell you the condition makes us all act like an ass.
Cacoparodomachia - when filkers get bored
Cacoparodomachia - then the songs gush from our cores.
Cacoparodomachia - it challenges our wit --
It means we're havin' a filk war over all kinds of funky sh*t.

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