A circle of filkers.

Cara Mia Julia

Lyrics:Maureen S. O'Brien
Music:"Caro Mio Ben", Giordani, c. 1700's. One of the first songs assigned by voice teachers. There's a MIDI and lyrics at Kelson Vibber's.
Insp: A base coveting of Julia Ecklar's octaves.

Caro mio ben --
Oh, Lord, please send
Send me the voice
Of Julia Ecklar.

Caro mio ben --
Sing it again,
Trying to do what she does
So perfectly.

Once, Lord, they say
She, too, was new.
I can't believe that really ever was true.
For when she sings,
When she writes songs --
_Nothing_ goes wrong!

I wonder why,
But still I try
To make my own small wings and
Hope to fly.

But Lord, can't you see
That I want to be
Just like Juli-
-a Ecklar!
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