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Lyrics: Maureen S. O'Brien 1989
To the tune of "Carmen Miranda's Ghost", Leslie Fish

"Carmen Miranda's Ghost" is haunting poor Leslie Fish.
Everyone's requesting it, though much against her wish.
And though this might just sound like a useful curse to you,
Please realize that Leslie Fish gets "Banned from Argo" too!

Don't go near the filkroom when Leslie is inside.
She's buried under parodies; she's got nowhere to hide.
She's filked by every filker, and no song's safe from our fun;
And when she sees Kanefsky, it's a wonder she don't run!

Beware, you rash young filkers; you dare not filk too far.
She has a Monstrous guardian disguised as her guitar.
She's tough and shrewd and wicked -- blackbelt in bardic arts --
And worse, she's got the formula for nitro down by heart!

Now why do songs keep haunting her? and why's it her they haunt?
We still don't know the answer, but we sure know what we want.
So she keeps writing tunes with chords guitarists hate to see;
I half-expect to watch her next big song on MTV!

"Carmen Miranda's Ghost" is haunting poor Leslie Fish.
Not that she's complaining; the publicity is bliss.
But Leslie should be glad it's just by one ghost she's perplexed.
If I were Leslie, I would pray that Elvis isn't next!

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