Curved border of brown dragons.
Kara Dalkey"Nightwail", anthology Life on the Border "Banshee Blues"
Alexandre Dumas péreLa Dame aux Camellias "Red Camellias"
Greek legends "Medea's Curse"
H. Rider HaggardShe, Wisdom's Daughter, etc. "I Am She"
Inuit legends"Sedna"
Irish legends"Children of Lir" "The Morrigan"
Welsh legends"Silver Wheel"
Vampire Miyu "Himiko's Song"
Jane YolenBriar Rose "Briar Rose"
Eclectic to a fault: "Epithalamium" "Sidekick's Song"
"South with the Cranes" "The Prize"
My fault: Ashes on the Wind The Elven King's Children
Elves on Motorcycles Hellride

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