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"Reka po imeni vremya"
(The River Named Time)


Illet "Volch'e Solntse"
(Wolf Sun)


"Doroga na Kallanmor"

Road to Callanmore 08/99.

"How Much Money"
(translation) 11/98.

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Who writes for
you - Pushkin?

next door
at Siberian Highway studio


He plays them
You play to him
Well, and
who here
Plays well
for you?
- BG

We ents are picky creatures. If you really want to listen to music and minstrels' singing - that's best done "live". But though the rock-bottom price be audible (if indeed not visible), it's not just who sings, but also what one sings...and how one sings. And good recording counts -- oh, a little bit.... For total elimination of the present inequity, we began the new project FangornAudio.

It's made at this place that's nearby in Kazan, at the "Siberian Highway" studio, where there's a good guy, Valera Mustafin, by whom the great experiment records bards, and not just performers and groups. And who knows how do it very classily - judge for yourselves.

We wish to note that we're ready to continue this present project in the future, now that there is the technical capability and the wish that the above-named Valera record something besides his (and our!) beloved bards.

We all still hope to see (well, to hear) in our studio: 49th, Dena Nazgul, Ezhen, Jerry, and Pyatka - but that doesn't mean that the road is closed to anyone else. We invite collaboration by all minstrels, authors, performers, duos, ensembles.... Write - we will make arrangements about conditions. Just remember, there's no such thing as free lembas...even in the entwood.

Now in conclusion - a few paths to the borders of friends in song:

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 Oleg Medvedov (united with Polnolunie)
 Siberian Highway Studio

Favorite groups (not filk)
Aquarium and BG  Alisa and K. Kinchev  DDT
 Voskresenie  Yu. Naumov  O. Aref'eva  C. Kalugin

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Write! Upd 22.11.2000

Dik "Na svoei zemlye"
(On my own ground)


Oleg Medvedev
"Alie Kril'ya"

(Crimson Wings)

Skadi "Doors"



Eowin "Vesna na porazhenie"

(Spring of Defeat)

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