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Volch'e Solntse (Wolf Sun)

Right before Zilantcon-2000, Illet finally came up to our studio and recorded this new album of hers. At the present time we're finishing up work on it, but still something is known:
1. Dvernie Bogi (Ancient Gods)  
2. Kochevnik (Nomad)  
3. Shamanskaya (Shamanic?)  
4. Zvezdnii Pastir'(Star Shepherd)  
5. Zabitie Bogi (Drowsy Gods)  
6. Tir na-nOg  
7. Nochnoi Koster (Night Campfire)  
8. Deva Sotsvetii (Maiden of the Bunch)  
9. Kali-Yuga  
10. Svet Oplivayushchei Svechi (Light of the Floating Candle)  
11. Den' Mecha (Sword Day)  
12. Departures, for War  
13. Osennyaya (Autumnal)  
14. Po Polyam za Rekoi (Along the Field by the River)  
15. Vechnii Voitel' (Eternal Incomer)  
16. Bolch'e Solntse (Wolf Sun)  
17. Ostoinaya  

As for orders - we're starting to take them...

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