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You listen to Skady?


In the old free year '94, Skadi (Lyudmila Smerkovich of Kazan) recorded her first album in the "Siberian Highway" studio with Valera Mustafin. The cassette was called "Struni Pokrivayutsya Ineem" (Frost-Covered Strings).

This was the first studio experience for Skadi, even as it was for Valera with us on the left to ____ people. A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then...

We renewed the practice of recording in the studio and recorded three more albums by different good people. Skadi through this time recorded 2 more albums (they, like the first, easier on the whole to find in the MP3 collections that were put up by Tatyana and Vadim Rumyantsevi) and finally restored in that studio again. It's true and in the studio the twisting stopped, and the work on the album is seriously rough... Now together with Skadi in the work participate Asiya Bakirova (guitar, squeaker, arrangements), Tim Ibatullin (percussion, his bongos are also heard in "Road to Callanmore"), Elena Ivanova (flute) and Mariya Faizullina (cello).

1. Dveri (Doors)  
2. Dusha (Soul)  
3. Kak Tristan s Isoldoi po lesam...
(Like Tristan with Isolde in the forest...)
4. Serii ogon' (Gray fire) 4.20 1.46 MB
5. Islandiya-2 (Iceland 2)  
6. The Gothic  
7. Filosoficheskoe (Philosophic)  
8. Interpretatsiya-1 (Interpretation 1)  
9. Videnii Churat'sya Nevmoch'...
(Vision avoiding too much....)
10. Sochinitel'nitsa (Storyteller)  
11. Koroleva-3 (Queen 3)  
12. Teatr (Theater)  
13. Kel'tskaya (Celtic)  
14. Avtobus (Bus) 4.20 0,8Μα
15. Elis (Alice)  
16. Shto tebye suzhdeno (What is your destiny)  

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