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Arda-na-Kulichkax: Minstrels of Middle Earth

"Kak zapisannie mnoyu
Na magnitnie kassetti"
"Like so many recordings
On magnetic cassettes"
(M. Shcherbakov)

The folklore of Middle Earth is kept on this page. Fannish Tolkien folklore lives among the people -- who learned a multitude of good songs, playing them through all Russia, from city to city. They carried songs around the whole country.

Serious (even mournful) 
  1. Proklyatie Kolets

  2. Curse of the Ring 
    (646 Kb). (Potanya).  
    Words - Lora Provansal. 
  3. Nainie Kirian Alkvalondeva. (Korabli Alkvalondi) 

  4. (The Ships of Alqualonde) 
    (689 Kb). (Potanya). Words - T. Kukhta 
  5. Eovin, shchitonsets Rokhana 

  6. Eowyn, shieldmaid of Rohan  
    (336 Kb).(Potanya).  
    Words - Ye. Pertsulenko.  
  7. Doroga

  8. Road  
    (522 Kb)(H. Antonova)
For fun 
  1. El Nazgul Pasa 

  2. (1381 Kb)(Potanya).  
    Words: ***.
  1. Derevyannie mechi 

  2. Wooden swords  
    (417 Kb) Words and music: Alexei Sviridov.

Old files

  1. "Dvernee zoloto redko blestit", 

  2. Golden door seldom shines  
    Words: Svetlana Khvostenko  
    Ispolnyaet: Svetlana Panteleeva (Potanya). Recorded 1994 g.  
    1158031 bytes (1919596 unpacked)  
    File under name 
  3. "Pesnaya glavnova geroya" 

  4. Song of the main hero  
    Words and music: Alexei Sviridov.  
    1292288 bytes (1661982 unpacked)  
    File under name

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