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A. Sviridov's Pages

I'm posting this, because my songs can be found on the internet in so many places. At the same time, stay to visit with good people...
  <===Zilantcon '97. I, as always, with a stranger's guitar in hand. Whose, actually, I don't know; but all the same, thank you!
Yet another place where one can find my songs - is in the thickets of Fangorn-Video; be it known that there sit, not lyrics, but my own mpegs, and even one videoclip, too!
It's here then...
But here's this, which for the time being is only here, at my site:
Ballada ob oblome. "Ballad of the wrecked"
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A. Sviridov: Fangorn Video songs

All songs recorded in MP3 format - 32K/S 22K/Ts mono.

 Pro prividennii About the spectre MP3 (598K)

 Vechernii motiv Evening tune MP3 (267K)

 Mama, ya tormoz Mama, I'm braking MP3(505 K)
(This little song without end or beginning was written at Arbat at the end of '80)

 Posvyatsennie Okhotnitse Dedicated to hunting MP3 (398K)

 Pro devushku s zelenihmi ushami Of a young woman with green ears MP3 (487K)
(Songwriter - German Gelovani, with which I went to Arbat at the end of '80)

 Mganga MP3 (721K)
(Songwriter - Andrei Zohov)

 Slishkom mnogo volshebnikov Too many magicians MP3 (243K)

 Pro volkolakov About the volkolak MP3 (654K)

 A umeesh' li tih letat'... But are you skilled at flying... MP3 (401K)

 Sredizemskie chastushki Middle-province couplets MP3 (298K)

 Sonnii Ritsar' 2 Sleeping Knight 2 -- from Zilantcon '97 MP3 (683K)

Videoclip (MPEG, in dimensions 240 x 180 mono at 65 K/s)

 Digger vs DOOM MPEG (2 min., 21 sec., 9.3 Mb)
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