Gateway to Russian Filk Videos

Unlike filkers in most of the world, Russian filkers seem to have taken full advantage of video and computer equipment to make fan videos of filksongs. Or at least Fangorn Video in Kazan has!

Among Fangorn Video's convention, LARP, and reenactment tapes, they have produced one tape of nothing but Zilantcon concerts, as well as some very cute videos.

"Digger vs. DOOM" stars Alexei Sviridov singing his song about playing the computer game Doom. The video cuts together footage of the game, Alexei, and a convention masquerade ball. :) Linked at A. Sviridov: Pesni and the translation page (Alexei Sviridov: Songs). 9.3 MB.

"Gvinivera" (Guenevere) tells the story of Guenevere, Arthur and Lancelot, using all original footage. The song is by Skady, but performed by Linwen (E. Sovnik), 1999.

"Dialog Finroda Felagunda c Sauronom" (Finrod Felagund's Dialogue with Sauron) stars Nienna as Sauron and Lora Bocharova as Finrod Felagund singing Lora's song-duel between Dark Lord and Elf King. Footage of the concert performance at Zilantcon '98 is intercut with footage from an outdoor LARP performance at HI-97, of a duel between Sauron (played by Balin) and Daeron (played by Dik). Long, serious and interesting. 29 MB (6:36). Linked at Lora Bocharova's Video Index (Lora Bocharova: Video Index)

"Pepel Nyu-Kastla" (Ashes of Newcastle) is a song by Chris and Shmendra retelling the victory of the Scots under William Wallace. Uses footage from Braveheart , then goes to footage of Chris and Shmendra and the Rose and Thistle LARP, based on the later revolt of Robert the Bruce. Linked at Kris i Shmendra: Doroga na Kallanmor (Chris and Shmendra: Road to Callanmore).

You can find a great many Russian fan video samples at Fangorn Video.

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This unauthorized translation of these Russian filk pages was translated by Maureen O'Brien. Send comments and corrections to me, and good feedback (and CD orders) to the Russian filkers. I apologize for any mistakes or misinterpretations.

"But I will sit and hearken, and be glad that through you great beauty has been wakened into song."