Border of roses and rose leaves.

Nowhere I Can Go (To Be Alone)

Lyrics & Music: Maureen S. O'Brien
Insp: Talia Winters, _Babylon 5_

Sinclair goes to the Observation Dome;
Ivanova, she goes to the Casino.
And even Kosh Naranek's got a home,
And what he does there's something only he knows.

They've all got
Some secret cubby, some secluded piece of green --
Somewhere to wander and ponder, all unseen.
Me, I'm lonely as a vacuum-guarded stone,
But there's nowhere I can go to be alone.

Through a wall, voices calling -- a bit muffled but still clear.
Though I try to ignore them, I can't help but overhear.
From my lonely room, I hear them grunt and moan
And there's nowhere I can go to be alone.

Now I could drink, to drown the voices out --
But they'd rush in when I lost self-control.
(I could) take the drug -- that's what it's all about --
And live my life as something less than whole.

Oh, I could
Open to another Psi, shut the voices all away
In echoes of each other, for as long as we could stay --
That other'd be too near, or else I'd hear my own --
There'd be nowhere left to go to be alone.

So in this noisy silence, segregated by my psi,
I sit, knowing secrets, knowing I'll never know why.
My senses naked as a flesh-scraped bone...
And there's nowhere I can go to be alone.






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