Border of roses and rose leaves.

Babylon's Isle

Lyrics: Maureen O'Brien, 2-27-94
Music: "Gilligan's Isle"
Insp: Babylon 5, Season 1


Come join us now and you'll hear of how
Mankind's Third Age began;
Of stellar peace and alien trade
And intergalactic plans.
(And intergalactic plans.)

The Earth Alliance built the place
To keep them out of war.
The first three Babs were sabotaged;
Joe knows what happened to Four.
(But soon we'll learn some more.)

Sinclair is the commander of
The 5th, and last for sure.
If he deals with the deathwish in his fearless brain,
He'll last the five-year tour.
(The five-year tour.)

The station is a dang'rous place.
You might get out alive
With Sinclair...
And Ivanova...
Talia the psi...
Londo, Vir, G'Kar,
Lennier, Na'Toth n'
Satai Delenn...
Here on Babylon 5!


No dream! no hoax! no hokey camp!
It's what they said we'd see--
Like one big sf novel,
Except it's on TV.

So join us here each week, my friends;
Your wonder-sense will thrive
On drama, worlds and characters
Here on Babylon 5!






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