Border of roses and rose leaves.

I Can't Get Over That You

Lyrics & Music: Maureen S. O'Brien, 6\94
Insp: Susan Ivanova, Babylon 5 - "War Prayer"

In my Starfury, I sit alone,
And the cockpit seems grander than any czar's throne.
Millimetres away from the skies
Shining magnitudes brighter than both of your eyes.
So then why won't those eyes go away
As they hang there in space like a heads-up display?
And I see you that day in the snow
When I loved the man that you were, long ago.

CH 1:
And somehow I can't get over that you --
Did you kill him forever, that man that I knew?
Somehow I can't get over that you --
Did he ever exist? were those memories true?

And it's not that I long for your touch
Though God knows I miss it, mm, oh so much.
And I know all I did was what I had to do,
But somehow I can't get over that you.

I remember the day that we met.
I remember so much, now, I chose to forget
Like: the feel of the back of your head,
Waking up in the morning with you warm in bed,
Walking out as you cursed my career,
Relocating to Io with you nowhere near,
Sitting there in my quarters in tears --
Then I put you behind me, at least for eight years.

(CH 1)

So then tell me, which of us betrayed
All the days that we had and the plans that we made?
I had told you that life was a 'Fury I flew,
But somehow I can't get over that you.

When did I lose what I used to be?
I could hardly remember what I used to see
When I laughed at that look in your eyes
Which announced you were planning some splendid surprise.
When you gave me that look once again,
And the first rose I'd seen since...I don't know when,
And you said that this time you would stay --
I know now you were lying. But I still have to say --

CH 2:
Somehow I can't get over that you --
The one that I trusted, the one I loved true.
Somehow I can't get over that you --
No, he never existed, and I never knew

That the stars in your eyes I could see,
All the time, were just lookin' at some made-up me.
It was her that you loved, that sweet dream that you grew.
But somehow I can't get over --
I just can't get over --
Somehow I can't get over that you.






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