Border of roses and rose leaves.

Cordelia's Blues

Lyrics & Music: Maureen S. O'Brien, 7\25-28\91, 1\15\93
Insp: Shards of Honor, Lois McMaster Bujold

Teardrops on my pillow,
You on my mind.
P.O.W. in my own land.
When the sands keep shifting underneath my feet,
How on Beta can I make a stand?
Bravery is easy out in battle's heat,
Fighting far above some foreign skies.
But as a civilian, nothing's quite as neat;
Nobody defines where duty lies.

They want rape and murder,
Drugs and strange demands --
Lesser horrors than the one that's true.
For a prince's honor, yours shattered in your hands --
As they'd shatter your world if they knew.
Nothing's ever easy. Nothing's ever clear.
Nothing's ever simple, simply true.
There's nothing clean of failure, nothing free of fear,
Nothing left except my love for you.

Oh, I'm sick of their surveillance and soothing little lies,
Tired of not telling what I know.
They're sayin' love is just an aberration in my mind.
They want to cure me. I just want to go.
Fleeing from my homeworld, never looking back,
Heading for a world I never knew.
How can I be feeling like I'm coming home?
Only if my only home is you...

Love, at last I'm coming home to you.

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