Border of roses and rose leaves.

Elena's Song

Lyrics: Maureen O'Brien, 10/13/95
Music: "A Chantar", The Countess of Dia (12th c.)
Insp: Elena Bothari-Jesek in the Vorkosigan series; Lois McMaster Bujold

I have to sing of something I don't want to,
Because I am so bitter toward the land I love --
My fatherland, the land that raised and sired me,
The land that gave me life and forced my mother.
Child of rape and child of war for empire--
But battle's joy is also _my_ desire.
I cannot stand my home -- I've found no other.

They say that offerings keep the dead from haunting.
I'd cut my hair off to the roots, if Barrayar died,
And use the stars in fusion for my brazier.
But Barrayar walks on, un-dead, beside me.
I feel his soil in my flesh with each breath.
My cells hold home -- and so till my death,
My father, loved and hated, lives inside me.

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