Border of roses and rose leaves.

Small Lady

Lyrics & Music: Maureen S. O'Brien
Basis:"The Mountains of Mourning", Lois McMaster Bujold

Small lady, Raina, I kneel by your grave;
Your coffin so tiny; your mother so brave.
She reported as murder her 'mutant' baby's death
Though knowing that someone she loved had broken your neck.
Now justice, small lady, I shall mete out for you.
I was almost murdered as a mutant baby, too.
Grandfather tried to kill me because I was not whole.
Our bodies are less twisted than our poor planet's soul.

Small lady, Raina, so quiet you lie --
So young to be underground, no more to see the sky.
When will they learn they needn't kill their children anymore?
What can I do, lady, for you, to even up the score?
I will outlive the old days -- but lady, you did not.
So though I've made a judgement that will never be forgot,
And though word of my justice spreads like fire crost the land,
I am your lord. You should have lived. More service you demand.

Small lady, Raina, not justice alone
Do I offer you, nor my message murder's no more condoned.
I will serve you, small lady, a space-armored knight.
When I fight now for Barrayar, it is for you I fight.
When they laugh at me, lady, when the space winds grow cold,
When they won't believe bluffs and they force me to fold,
I will not fail my lady. I will go on - for you.
I swear to you - we'll show them all what those they kill can do.

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