The Case of the Deadly Secret Admirer

Part 1

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at
He smiled as he gazed at his next victim through surveillance cameras he had placed in her flat. This one was different. She was not only more lovely than the others, she was more intelligent as well. It was too bad he was going to have to get her out of the way. She was getting too close. Much too close. However, he couldn't just get rid of her, he needed a plan.
Ah, yes, that would be perfect and no one would ever suspect him.

Two weeks later...

Inspector Beth Lestrade yawned as she flipped through papers. This case was getting out of hand, but she was determined not to ask Holmes for help -- not after learning of a bet a few of her colleagues had made. Of course, if it came down to her pride or getting the case solved, pride would just have to go down the drain.
She was on her third time flipping through when something caught her eye. Of course! She couldn't understand why she hadn't seen it in the first place. One thing was for certain, she was going to have to call for backup on this one. The guy was completely unpredictable.
She opened a line to Greyson's office, but before she could speak everything went dark.
Sherlock Holmes watched in amusement as Wiggins and Deidre went over the famous balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet. Deidre had gotten the lead in the play and had asked Wiggins to help out. It was an excellent idea, except that the tall black boy couldn't keep a straight face.
"I'm sorry, Deidre, but, 'But soft! What light through yonder window breaks!' I just don't talk like that."
Deidre rolled her eyes. "Whatever. Tennyson, will you..." She turned around to find the youngest Irregular already gone. "Well, fine! I'll just go and practise on my own." She stormed out the door.
Wiggins rolled his eyes, shrugged in apology and walked out the door after her.
"And that, Watson," Holmes proclaimed, "is why you do not agree to help an actress." He shook his head and frowned. "I wonder what is keeping Lestrade. It is not like her to be late when she has an engagement planned, even if it is just to have tea with friends."
Watson simply shrugged. "She did have an important case she was working on. Maybe she found a breakthrough."
"I wonder. Let us go by her flat and see. Perhaps she can use our help." He stood up and donned the Inverness and deerstalker, then strode purposefully from the room.
When the two of them arrived at the building that housed Lestrade's flat, it was to meet chaos. Cruiser lights were flashing and constables were trying to keep the milling throng of people in order. Motioning for Watson to stay back, Holmes slipped past the inattentive policemen and into the building.
Inside was not much better. Several tenants peeked out of their doorways while others were being questioned. Holmes passed them by easily and made his way into Lestrade's flat. Chaos again met his eyes. Books and clothes were strewn about. A vase of flowers had been dumped upside down on the carpet. Holmes noted this with interest, as Lestrade did not usually keep flowers in her apartment.
Greyson was talking with another inspector, one Holmes was not familiar with. He was a tall man and had the charming good looks of a playboy.
"Greyson, care to tell me what has happened here?"
The rotund Chief Inspector turned to glare at him. "What are you doing here? This is a simple case of burglary, that's all. Inspector Lestrade was caught unawares, and knocked unconscious. Lucky for her she got a call through to us, and Inspector Harrison arrived here in time to scare the blighter off."

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