Cat Got Your Tongue?

Part 5

by Angel (aisumitsukai at
O.K! This story is now called 'Cat got your tongue?' Whenever I tried to think of a title that's all I ever came up with.

*The current situation*

Lestrade was grumbling about something (surprise, surprise).
Holmes' ears hurt.
Watson has an idea....

*The present*

"Why don't we all go for a walk?" Watson asked. "The Inspector seems like she needs some fresh air."
Lestrade glared.
"Well, I don't know how fresh the air is, but that sounds like a wonderful idea, my dear Watson!" Holmes jumped off his chair and followed Watson to the door.
Lestrade glared...and followed the other two out the door.

*****Somewhere in New London******

"Hey, what was that?!" Lestrade perked up and squinted down a small space between two buildings.
"What was what, Lestrade?"
"I thought I saw som-- there it is again!" With that Lestrade disapeared down the pitiful excuse for an alley.
"Lestra-ade!!" Holmes and Watson sighed in unison.
"We had best go get her, no telling what'll happen with Lestrade as a kitten."
Watson gingerly approached the crack that Holmes had just slipped through, and sighed again.

****Other side of the 'alley' a few minute later****

"Really, Lestrade! What did you think you were doing?" Holmes was standing beside a collapsed Lestrade.
A man at a nearby cafe looked accusingly at his bottle of some new-fangled low-in-alcohol drink and started to pour it out. "I've only had half a bottle, too...talkin' cats...."
"What did it..." *Gasp* "...look like I was doing?" *Groan* "I was chasing some..." *Gasp* "...thing! Damn, zedding kitten body, can't even-"
"Oh, for goodness sake, don't start!" Holmes rolled his eyes.
Lestrade was about to continue when....
"Oh, what cute kitties!" A blonde teen came up to Holmes and Lestrade (who was still lying down) "Are you lost? Oh it's o.k.! I'll take you home and take good care of you!!"
Collective groan from Lestrade and Holmes.
"No way am I going ANYWHERE with you!" Lestrade growled.
Holmes mentally smacked himself.
"A, a, a talking cat?!"
"How cccccuuuuuttteeee!" The kid scooped the VERY unwilling cats up and ran off to her hovercar.
The man at the cafe fainted.

*******Back with Watson*********

"I hope Holmes and Lestrade are all right." *Sigh* "I wonder if Inspector Greyson will ever send that techie I asked for...being stuck in this crack is starting to get uncomfortable...."

***A mansion on the outskirts of town***

"There you are! You adorable little things! Well?! How do you like it?!" A certain blonde girl asked happily.
Inspector Lestrade was not having a good day, but she could deal with that; she just couldn't though, for some reason, deal with the fact that she was in a very frilly pink basket wearing a very frillling pink bonnet, had just been named Rose and was being stared at by a complete lunatic. Of course, Holmes was not helping by being at the point of collapse from trying to hold in his laughing. (He had somehow gotten out of getting dressed up.)
"Well?! Tell me what you think!" The girl gazed motheringly down at the two cats.
"Grrrrrrrrrr" was all Lestrade could manage. She was very busy. She was thinking: Control, control don't scratch her eyes out, think of what Greyson would do to you...control....
The thoughts of the cushion Lestrade was sitting on went something like this: Oowwwww! Kitten claws! Owwwwww!
"What the heck are those?!"
All the heads snapped around to look at the rooms newest occupants: Moriarty and Dr. Manuel.
There you go. sorry it's kinda strange. I've had a 'small' overdose of sugar. ^_^ If you have ideas for this story please tell me!
-angel ^_^

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