The Story of Cassie Holmes

Part 1

by Kelsey (harry_potter00910 at
Sorry about me not coming to the site for awhile. I got a new computer and I got my own internet in my room and that means new E-mail address (you can also e-mail me at keyoma09 at So here's another story. :)
"The story I'm about to tell you is true. It's about my daughter Cassie and how she lives today. Well...It started in 1884 when Cassie was first born...."


"'s been about an hour. Maddison should be coming home soon. I can't wait to see my little girl," said Sherlock, jumping up and down.
"He's still a little weird like when he was 12 but he should get over it soon...I hope," said Watson.
"I'm a father, Watson, A FATHER!" said Sherlock, going crazy.
"Maybe not," said Watson, shaking his head.
"I'm home," said Maddison, walking through the door.
"Here, Sherlock, why don't you hold her?" asked Maddison.
So Sherlock took Cassie and placed her on top of his hands and hugged her. "She's opening her eyes, Maddison, you should be the one holding her at this time!" said Sherlock. But he was too late; the baby girl opened her eyes and looked straight at Sherlock. "She...has my eyes and my face but she has your blue hair, Maddison," said Sherlock, pleased with himself. "I know what we can name her...Cassie, Cassie Holmes," Sherlock said, looking at Watson and Maddison.


Two years later....

"Daddy, Daddy, can we please go for a walk!" said Cassie.
"Okay, Cassie, and call me Father, okay?" asked Sherlock.
"Okay, Daddy!" said Cassie, smiling.
"Oh, boy. Come on now, let's go," said Sherlock, and off they went.
Cassie was totally different from her family. She was the only full American in her family. Her voice was nothing like her parents and she was a little tall for her age, too -- she's only two, you know.
"Hello, Sherlock, and hello, Cassie," said Sam, the toystore owner.
"Hello, Sammy boy," said Cassie.
"Ha ha,and hello to you, too, Cassie," said Sam. "So Sherlock, how's the wife doin'?" he asked.
Well, Sherlock and Sam were talking. Cassie saw something in the alley and ran after it.
"Cassie!" yelled Sherlock, and ran after her. There he noticed his daughter's scar was glowing on her head and knew what that meant...Kan.
Sherlock finally caught up with Cassie and there he saw Kan. "Cassie, stay behind me," said Sherlock. "You,I thought you were dead!" yelled Sherlock.
The boy just smiled and gave him the evil eye and ran away.
"Come on, Cassie, let's go home," said Sherlock, and they did....

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