Episode List

In this episode list, I will provide episode names and authors, but I will also (in the Sherlockian tradition) give each episode a unique four-letter designation which will identify the ep. If an ep has the same name as a Canonical story, the usual story designator will be followed by a 2. Production numbers are courtesy of Jesse Lee Herndon.

Just for fun, I'll also link each ep's page to things like the quotable quotes from the ep, review comments, and my infamous shipper epguide. If you have review comments, feel free to email me and I'll put 'em up on the page!

The name of each Holmes story which inspired an episode is linked to the Holmes texts at The Complete Sherlock Holmes at Camden House, a lovely site which not only contains the stories but also illustrations by the various artists. For those who prefer plain text, I recommend www.knowledgerush.com for all your Project Gutenberg e-text needs. Happy reading!

Other episode guides can be found at epguides.com pazsaz.com, and Stonegate.
Support them! They provide a valuable service to us all.

Interestingly, none of the above list "The Creeping Man", and they put the ep count at 25.

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