An Annoying Fan Writer in New London

Part 16

by Sigerson

Okay, here's the next bit.

Sigerson emerged from a small boutique, sporting a t-shirt reading 'NSFW' on the front, jeans, white sneakers, and a jacket. Her pajamas and black velvet slippers had been transported back to her bedroom, thanks to the wonderful convenience of being a) in a fictional, cartoon version of the future, and b) not actually being there.

Looking down at her surprisingly well-drawn hands, she flexed them. Shrugging her shoulders in a very cartoon-like fashion, she sauntered off down the street, fell down a set of stairs, and was in the subway before you could say "Secret Underground Lair".

Soon enough, just as in all cartoons by the twenty-minute mark, Fenwick soon showed up and started to drag her away.

"Salut, monsieur. Comment appelle tu?" She asked, grateful for once that French was one of Canadaís national languages. The disfigured geneticist looked shocked at being addressed in his native tongue. He was not accustomed to politeness in any form.

"Euh... Je míappelle Fenwick."

"Ah. Je míappelle Sigerson. Est-ce que je pourrais avoir mon bras, sil vous plait?"

"Non, mademoiselle."

"Why not?"

"Because I am taking you to Moriarty so he may decide what to do with you."

"So? Leggo my arm, I wonít run off. I want to meet him."

"Iím afraid the answer is still no."

"Well, then Iím just going to have to beat the everlivingcrap out of you in a dramatic fight scene, arenít I?" At this, Fenwick tentatively released her arm, watching her like a hawk. Heíd been in far too many episodes to fall victim to that one. She smiled contentedly, and continued walking at his side until they reached Moriartyís office.

"Master, another brat has shown up." Fenwick reported with a sneer in Sigersonís general direction. So much for decency to the villainous henchmen. The famed evil mastermind turned to face Siggy, but her attention was already focused on his captor.

"Hi! Iím Sigerson, nice to meet you. Donít worry, Iím not here as the rescue party. We can handle a megalomaniac with relatively little effort, right?"

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