Here's where you'll find songs about the show or set in the world of the show. Filksongs can be set to original tunes or go to the tune of existing songs, and that lets you write in any musical genre you feel like! So if you come up with a little song, send it in and I'll put it up.

Carbuncle Carols are a selection of seasonal songs. Don't ask me why they came on me in the middle of February.

Great Detective is a song by me, written from Lestrade's point of view. Or at least what I think her POV might be. ;) The technical term for this sort of filk is "slobber song", alas for my self esteem....

"Jingle Bells...Well, Sort of" by Joanne Webster

On My Mind A duet/duel between Holmes and Moriarty, also by me.

The Return In which I get overdramatic and expose a hidden link between Puck of Pook Hill and Holmes' Sussex retirement. Hey, it's shorter than a fic!

The Twelve Days of Christmas by Joanne Webster. SH22-style, of course!

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