The Case of the Stolen Keepsake


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There they all stood -- on the foggy Oregon coast -- the Goonies, their parents, the glowering Fratellis, half the Astoria police and fire departments, and reporters to numerous to count.

How could it end like this? Mikey thought. The ten-year-old had had such hopes. He and his friends had found an old pirate treasure map in his attic, and had followed it from an opening in the bottom of an old restaurant's fireplace, through countless booby-trapped tunnels underneath the town, and finally down a scary waterslide into a huge cavern, where they found themselves standing in a huge underground lake alongside a rotting pirate ship.

The entire way, they had been chased by the Fratellis, a crazy mother-and-sons team of bank robbers, who, unfortunately, had been using the old restaurant as a hide-out. Not long after the kids had found the fabulous treasure of the pirate One-eyed Willy on board the ship, the Fratellis arrived, capturing the kids and forcing them to empty what treasure they had put in their pockets.

Mikey's friend Lawrence 'Chunk' Cohen, who had been left behind when the others had escaped through the hole in the bottom of the fireplace, had befriended the deformed behemoth known as Sloth, evidently a son Mama Fratelli didn't want anyone to know about, for they'd kept him locked in a dungeon-like room in the restaurant basement. It was here that they also placed Chunk when they caught him after the others went into the underground tunnels.

Sloth evidently had a reputation for breaking the chains his mother and brothers kept him shackled in, as Mikey had heard Mama Fratelli complaining while trying to find the men's room in the dilapidated restaurant. Sloth did so again, escaping with Chunk and following the others through the tunnels, coming just in time to save them from the Fratellis.

It was about that time that the huge cavern began to cave in, and everyone had to run for their lives. Sloth had made a tiny hole in the rocks bigger by shoving boulders aside with ease, and they all made it out onto the beach...

...and here they were.

"I'm sorry, Dad," Mikey said, looking up at his father. "We almost had it. We could have saved the Goondocks."

"It's okay, son. I'm just glad you're safe," his father answered, placing an arm around his shoulders.

"Well, isn't that sweet."

Mikey looked up to see Elgin Perkins, who owned the land on which Mikey's house and the houses of his friends stood (aka the Goondocks, hence the kids who lived there had been tagged with the label "Goonies"). At his side was Troy, his equally stuck-up son, looking smug.

"See, shrimp," Troy said with a sneer. "I told you my dad'd be playing golf on your front lawn by next week."

Mikey cast his brown-eyed gaze at the ground.

"There now, son, let's not be harsh," Mr. Perkins said, his eyes gleaming nonetheless. "Okay, Walsh, here are the papers. Sign them."

Mikey's father looked down at the papers, and Mikey looked around at his friends: the quick (sometimes too quick)-spoken Clark, aka "Mouth", the always-inventing , Richard "Data" Wang, Troy's former girlfriend Andrea Carmichael, aka "Andy", her best friend Stephanie Steinbrenner, and the nearly always-eating Lawrence "Chunk" Cohen.

I'll sure miss them, Mikey thought. I wonder what our new house will be like.

Troy's dad had turned his back to Mister Walsh, giving him an area to sign the papers that would turn the Walsh's house over to him and his company.

Mikey looked over his shoulder and saw Rosalita, the Mexican woman his mother had hired to help them pack their things, going through the pockets of his soaking wet jacket.

"Probably making sure there's nothing in the pockets before she puts it in the wash," said Mikey's older brother Brand, not hiding the defeat in his voice. "At least she's good at her job."

Mikey nodded and turned his back on the woman. He was too sad to say anything.

Suddenly a loud stream of Spanish erupted from the little woman, and everyone's attention was on her -- even Mister Walsh, who had just been about to place the pen Troy's dad had given him on the "dotted line".

Turning back, Mikey saw that Marta had in her hand the leather marble bag that he for some reason had had in his pocket before they went on their adventure. She had pulled open the drawstrings at the top, and seemed excited by what she had found inside.

"Mouth, what is she saying?" asked Stephanie, who couldn't make out any words from the stream of Spanish.

The boy put the tips of his fingers on his forehead, as if it would help him think. "Just a sec, Steph. No--no pen--no--no write--"

His eyes flew open, and he rushed at Mister Walsh. "Don't sign! Sir, don't sign!!"

By this time Brand and Mikey's father had taken the papers off of Troy's dad's back, completely confused by what was going on. Mouth's yelling at him not to sign the papers confused him even more.

Marta then came running through the crowd of kids, emergency workers and television reporters and grabbed Mister Walsh's hand, turning it palm up. She then turned Mikey's marble bag upside down.

Into Mister Walsh's hand spilled a pile of the most fabulous jewels they had ever seen. Each was at least five carats in weight, and they sparkled even though the sky was completely cloudy.

Brand and Mikey watched as a grin broke over their father's face. "Well, Elgin, it looks like you won't be tearing down our houses after all."

With that he placed the jewels into Mikey's hands, then proceeded to tear up the papers that would have given Troy's father ownership of the houses on the Goondocks.

Mikey gulped. He barely remembered dumping the marbles from the little bag, stuffing it instead with all of the treasure he could find, and then into his jacket pocket. He would, however, remember this day, this moment, and the cheers of his friends and their parents for the rest of his life....

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