The Power of Gold, Silver and Bronze

Part 6

by Kelsey (keyoma09 at

Tie's True Self

So Moriarty got the call and did what he was told to do...find Cassie.

"Dad, you don't have to do this!"

Oh, ya, Moriarty has a son named Tie.

"Tie, stay out of it!" Moriarty said.

So Moriarty got to 221b Baker Street and burst open the door. "Moriarty!" yelled Cassie, "What do you want!?

"Now be a good little girl and give me the Gold megafine glass," said Moriarty.

"What are you talking about!?" said Cassie.

"So you won't talk? Well, then, you leave me no choice!" said Moriarty in an evil voice.

So with that he kidnapped Cassie and went home.

"Oh no!" Tie said, worried.

"Umm... I know! If you don't tell me where the megafine glass is, I will destroy New London and your father!" said Moriarty, scaring Cassie

When Moriarty was not looking, Tie went over to Cassie and set her free.

"Are you o.k.?" asked Tie.

"Yes. Thank you!" said Cassie.

"Cassie, I know we are friends but I lo...." said Tie.

"What did you do?!" said Moriarty.

"I set her free!" said Tie.

"Why?" said his father.

"Because she is my friend!" replied Tie.

"But she is part of Sherlock's family! I thought you hated her?" said Moriarty.

"I lied!" said Tie.

Then Tie picked up Cassie and ran outside so he could take her to a safer place.

"So you were saying?" Cassie said.

"Well,'s hard to say in words," Tie said. So Tie went over to Cassie and kissed her on the lips. "I love you," Tie told Cassie.

"I feel the same way about you." Cassie replied. "But what about our fathers? They would never let this happen because they think we should hate one another too!"

"Cassie, they can't tell us who to love or not to love," said Tie. "Cassie, I love you for you."

"And I love you for you, too...but I love my father more!" said Cassie.

"I know, and I like it that way, because you are always to love your mother and father more than anything else," said Tie.

Then Cassie got up, hugged Tie and went home.

"My father is wrong about him, and he can't take us apart!"


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