Part 1

by Kestrel Akira (K_Akira at juno.com)

It was a typical day in New London. Gray skies and a light drizzle kept most people inside. Sherlock Holmes was one of those people. He stood by the large window, looking to the street below.

"A quiet afternoon isnít it, Holmes?" Watsonís voice floated from the kitchen.

Holmes turned to answer, but a bright flash of light redirected his attention. He again looked to the street below and saw two people wrestling in the rain soaked street. He recognized one of them and his blood froze.

"Moriarty," he whispered. He watched his nemesis wrestle with the other person; he concluded was a woman. He watched as Moriarty pulled out an ionizer and fired on the girl. She saw and dodged the beam just in time. Instead, the beam hit the pavement and blew a hole in it.

Holmesí eyes widened. Ionizers didnít do that. Didnít blast huge holes into concrete. It was a safety feature that guaranteed the safety of everyone. Moriarty took advantage of the distraction and bolted down the street, leaving the woman in the heap she had thrown herself into.

The woman pulled herself to her feet. She looked down the street and tensed. She looked around at her environment and glanced up to Holmesí window. Their eyes locked and they stared each other down until the sound of sirens nearing broke the spell. The woman looked away, looking for an escape route. Finding one, she turned and ran, just before the Yard cruiser landed.

Sherlock Holmes ran out of his flat and in the direction the woman had ran. He reached the alleyway and stopped. It was a dead end, and no way she could have escaped, but it was empty. He returned to the scene of the fight and was stopped by Lestrade.

"What is going on Holmes?" Lestrade demanded. "What was that light, and who were you chasing?"

"I was chasing a young woman," Holmes answered looking at the ground. He spotted something glittering by his feet. He reached down to pick it up and noticed that it was a locket. "She was wrestling with Moriarty."


"I have yet to deduce what the bright light was," Holmes continued as he examined the locket in greater detail. It was a simple gold locket, oval-shaped and small. It had a sword in the center, with a crown over the hilt. The sword was wrapped up by two serpents, criss-crossing each other, and in the background was a pair of crossed staffs.

"Impossible!" Holmes exclaimed.

"What is it, Holmes?" Watson asked, looking at the locket. In his friendís hands.

"This locket depicts my family crest."

"Are you sure?" Lestrade asked, examining the locket.

Holmes gave her a sideways glare. "Yes, Iím sure. It is my family, after all. I would like to know why she was wearing it."

"How do you know the woman you were chasing was wearing it?"

"They were struggling in this area. If she wasnít, then the locket would be soiled with mud, but as you can see, it is clean and unscratched. Further more, Moriarty would have no use for a locket with my family on it."

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