Another Holmes Interview

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Re: random fun-ness, part two

Ok I'm going to do a little bit,I don't consider myself much of a writer, but hey, here it goes!...Ok, Liz? i'm just going to start where you stopped, righty?

Yeah right. And does your mummy not let you have any liquids before bed? Or did you finally get to take that plastic mattress pad thingy off of your bed? Eh?

Holmes>*glares at her*
Those plastic mattress liners weren't around when I was little, remember? And plus my mother never told me what to do, I was mature for my age. Unlike some people here, but i'm not going to point any elbows, *points his elbow at Liz* so there.

Ha! Now who's the mature one! Well it definitely isn't the one playing the little Kindergarden games! Anywho, what's the point of you following the "husband to be"?

Holmes>*diverts his stare to the window, barely moving his mouth as he speaks*
I can't really tell you that at the moment, please do not talk or look directly at me for some time. We are being watched.

Liz>*a chill ran up and down her spine as those words repeated in her mind. First she was being followed, now someone was watching them.she really didn't like this train of unexpectable events. She didn't like how secretive Holmes was being.'well of course', she said to herself, 'he has always been secretive, even in the 1800's, so what's the big deal?' But there was something about it, something disturbing.....*

Allrighty then, very strange. Now I gotta figure how this will all play together. I know that this converstion is really stupid, but hey, it is late.

Oh, note to those who care:

My family and I are going on a camping trip, I don't know for how long, but I will be back by Tuesday, so don't think that I've ditched you guys. {never, NEVER would I do that!!!!!!}

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