Another Holmes Interview

by Liz de Jong (corellian_whiskey at

awesome stuff!!! I like the post.. that's just like me! I can be.. and am, quite immature alot of the time. But I -do- have a serious side, too. I too am confused with the plot.. although it is very good!! We shall have to work further on this one!!!

Holmes> *remains as though thinking hard about something Liz had said, staring off out the window for a moment, untill the reflection he sees in it has lost interest for the time being, so he may now converse again*
Well, then. why follow him, you ask?

Liz> *nodding, oddly silent now... scared*

Oh, don't worry... you are perfectly safe. *smirks slightly at the look Liz gives him* anyhow, why follow? Well, on one of my excersions through the underworld of New London, I was following a new client. A woman.

Oh.. may i make a wild guess?


OK, then... he and your client are to be married, then?

*slightly suprised*
Yes, they are. Very nice guess. So I am following him, too... Both my client and myself were not too sure abut this man's motives. and now... I see a definite variable that must be.. worked out, as it were.
*nods almost imperceptibly to the other guy watching them again*

Liz> *pulling her own cloak tighter about her, still 'chilly'* I see. *her interest is, nevertheless, piqued.*
Do you mind, if... I... ah... could I....

Tag along?

Liz> *quietly*
*stiffens suddenly, looking into the same window for the reflection as Holmes*
Holmes... oh, no.. here comes that guy!

*Indeed, the man has gotten up from his seat and is approaching the two... Liz is in a state of deep worry, offering only to follow Holmes about because she feels safe with him... and not when home alone!*

Okies, have fun camping!!! *would go camping but would freeze to death right now* feel free to add, peoples!


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