Part 1

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at lycos.com)

Editor's Disclaimer: This is a crossover with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's novel The Lost World (and possibly with its sequels The Poison Belt and The Day the World Screamed). Unless people decide differently, it has nothing to do with the TV series called The Lost World or with Crichton's Jurassic Park novel/movie. (Well, except that Jurassic Park and the entire living dinosaur genre owe everything to the original Lost World.) If you've never read the novel, please do so; it's a lot of fun!

I hope no one minds my taking the initiative....

And if you do this could just be a tentative part one to our new round robin....just something to get everyone's brains to thinking....

All was silent throughout the darkened house, save the occasional snore from its occupants. Outside, if one were to observe closely, a figure in black shimmied up the tree growing next to a second story balcony window. The figure easily jumped from a branch onto the balcony and held up a black box, that looked similar to the old remotes for television sets. A series of buttons were pressed and then the figure motioned below. Two more dark-clad beings ascended the tree carrying odd-looking safety harnesses, and the three of them opened the window and stepped inside.

The room in which they found themselves was a nursery. There were three identical bassinettes set up against the far wall, with the door to the rest of the house on their right. Another door on the wall closest to the window was probably the closet. Pictures of bunnies and other cute animals adorned the walls, as well as stuffed animals of the same sort in every corner of the room. Three infant carriers were stacked one on top of the other under a changing table. Even in the dim light that shone in from the light standards, the bright pastels that colored the room could be distinguished.

The figure walked over to the table and extracted one of the carriers, then stepped lightly over to a bassinette and gently lifted a small bundle wrapped in blankets, placing it inside the carrier and fastening all the safety straps. He took one of the odd harnesses and looped it several times around the carrier before walking to the window. Standing over the railing to the balcony, he lowered the precious cargo carefully until it sat on the ground below. The other two figures followed suit, then climbed down themselves. The first figure paused a moment to lay something on the changing table before proceeding after them.

It was a folded note on white paper. The black ink stood out easily against the starkness of the white. The words read, "To the Prime Minister and his wife".

Inspector Beth Lestrade stifled a yawn as she made her way home from a long day of nothing to do but paperwork. The criminals of New London seemed to be sharing an unspoken contract of peace, because the only Yardies who got to see any action these days were the beat walkers who stopped the regular misdemeanors that were rife within any society. Not that she was complaining or anything. She would just much rather be out chasing the bad guys than sitting behind a desk marking up the latest damage estimate.

As she flew over the old section of Kensington Square, her sharp eyes caught the glimmer of light coming from a rundown house. She frowned and lowered the cruiser. It was probably just some punk kids on a dare, since there were rumors that the ghost of one of this house's previous owners haunted the place. However, they didn't need to be here and she'd make sure they got on home. Besides, as Holmes always said, "Never jump to conclusions without gathering all the facts."

Once she had gained entry (ridiculously easy) she made her way through the front hallway to the room where she had seen the light coming from. The house looked to be in more disrepair on the inside than it did on the outside, almost as though somebody had purposefully ransacked it. That possibility had her drawing her ionizer as she came closer.

Standing outside the door, she paused as she listened to the voices coming from within. Whoever they were, they weren't kids.

"You poor excuse for even the subspecies of man!" a man's voice bellowed, "You have completely unsettled my experiment, and I must now begin anew. Leave this place at once!" There came a muted thumping, like somebody dropping to the ground, then there was silence.

"I shall leave in my own good time," another man's voice came out in collected tones. There was a slight accent to the words that Lestrade couldn't quite place, and for some reason it sounded familiar. "Take him and his wife...." The voice became softer, and Lestrade strained against the door to hear. Unfortunately the door, though closed was not latched and she fell through. She started to stand back up, but the ionizer trained on her kept changed her mind, and she settled for simply lifting her head.

She gasped as she recognized the man holding the weapon. He had raven black hair slicked back and eyes almost as dark. The devil's eyes, as one of her high school friends had once commented. His face and hands were bronzed from work in the sun. He had those Italian good looks that every girl dreams of.

"Isabella?" The man grinned suddenly. "You always did look good in white, mia cara."

Lestrade turned her head away and looked around the room, refusing to rise to his baiting. A man wearing old clothing, circa early twentieth century she'd say, lay unconscious on the floor. He was a short man, but large with unruly black hair and matching beard. He was most likely the one who had done the yelling earlier. Beside him lay a petite woman. The wife, obviously. Then her eyes glanced towards the swarthy men standing around the room, their own ionizers drawn. Even if she thought to outmaneuver their leader, they would be waiting to stop her.

Finally she returned her attention to the still grinning man. "Tony, you haven't changed a bit."

"Ah, but I have, dearest one. And so have you. We all change at one point in our lives. There is no stopping it. Now, enough of philosophy. We are going on a little trip, you and I, along with our friends here. I can't have Yardies looking into my business."

He pulled the trigger on the ionizer, and she fell into darkness.

Erm...not very good I know...but maybe this will give you guys some ideas!


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