Demoness' MST: Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon

Part 1

by Demoness ( )

Don't you all just love those Mystery Science Theater crossovers? So do I! Anyway, this is an on-the-spot skit where the trio are trapped by Moriarty and he forces them to watch...Sherlock Holmes movies!!!!!

Well, unfortunately I did not watch The Hound of the Baskervilles like I should have, mostly because I wasn't interested in it. So I've decided to change the movie they are gonna watch that I just recently watched today, but first I'd like to change a few things in the first part....

Professor James Moriarty II chuckled as his three captives looked about the room like a bunch of confused chickens. The compudroid, Watson, was the most amusing, seeing that it was trying to not look worried. But his interest was mostly on Sherlock Holmes and Inspector Beth Lestrade.

Lestrade was, at the moment, pounding on the door with her fists and feet in an attempt to get it open. Once Moriarty laughed out loud at her futile attempts before settling his gaze on his nemesis, Holmes. The great detective just stood there glancing around the room with his sharp gaze and then said something which Moriarty could not hear.

He frowned and turned the dial up on the volume and then smirked as the first words of the trio reached his sharp ears.

Lestrade: Zed! Open up! *pounds some more*

Holmes: If you persist in your current course of action, Lestrade, you will only end up injuring yourself further. Which will complicate things when the time comes to escape this...prison.

Watson: You have a plan?

Holmes: I hope to have one soon, but I dare not voice it out loud for fear of being overheard.

*Lestrade pauses at the door to glance over her shoulder at Holmes.*

Lestrade: You know who brought us here?

Holmes: I have a suspicion.

Lestrade: Who? So that I may strangle him the next time we meet.

Moriarty: *over speakers* A chance you shall never get, dear Inspector.

Holmes: I thought it was you.

Moriarty: And how the deuce did you come to that conclusion, Holmes?

Holmes: Fenwick.

Moriarty: Ah yes...the French scientist....

Lestrade: Moriarty! Wait until I get out of here! There shall be no place in the Solar System which you shall be safe from me!

Moriarty: *chuckling* Now now, Inspector, the chances of you escaping my latest trap are very slim. Even for the good detective here.

Holmes: Well, Professor, you have us. What do you plan to do with us?

Moriarty: Why...entertain you of course.

All: Huh?

Moriarty: *chuckling* Oh, don't give me that look like I have gone mad.

Lestrade: A little late for that...

Moriarty: Witty as ever, Inspector. *pause* No, what I have in mind for you three are several movies that I have collected over the months since my resurrection. I figured that since I was brought back to life that Holmes would shortly be following right after. I had planned on capturing him and any associates of his and humiliating him with these movies.

Holmes: Should I be afraid?

Lestrade: What movies could you possibly have that could humiliate him?

Moriarty: *to Holmes* Maybe, maybe not. *to Lestrade* Why, movies all about him and his adventures with the good old doctor.

Lestrade: Oh! -Those- movies!

Watson: And why would Holmes be embarrassed by these movies you speak of?

Moriarty: You shall see.... *chuckles again*

Holmes: I have movies? *somewhat curious and surprised look*

Moriarty: You shall see. Now the first movie will be Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon, starring Basil Rathbone.

Holmes: *blink* What kind of title is that? Watson came up with far more interesting titles with his stories.

Watson: *looks proud*

Holmes: Not you, Watson. The other Watson.

Watson: Oh. Right.

Moriarty: Cheer up, Holmes. You might just enjoy these. Though I pray that you do not.

*Professor Moriarty reaches a hand out and flips several switches. Back inside the room, Holmes and gang look about the room again. This time they take notice of the chairs and some living furniture.*

Holmes: Looks like we shall be here for a while.

*Suddenly along one wall of the room, coverings pull back to reveal a large theatrical big screen with the usual countdown usually seen on pre-1990's movies.

Watson: 4...3...2...1

Holmes & Lestrade: *groaning*

Lestrade: Hey, don't we get any popcorn and sodas?

*Her question goes unanswered as the beginning scenes and credits play across the big screen.*

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