MST: Baby Blues

Chapter 1

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at

Chapter Seven: Sweet MSTery of Life

Holmes and Lestrade sat glaring at the two teenagers, who were actually glaring back.

"Why can't you just pretend or something?" Harry asked.

"Yeah," Ginny put in, "I mean, it's not like they'll know or anything, right?"

Of course, a piece of paper fluttered down to the ground at that moment. Ginny sighed as she picked it up and read it. "Oh, it says that of course they'd know. But," she grinned over at Holmes and Lestrade, "It also says that they wouldn't mind if you pretended, either. It'll get you out of denial or something like that."

Harry frowned. "Come on, I want to get back! What if Snape or someone like that finds us missing?"

Lestrade glowered at them, but before she could say anything a book fell on top of her head. Rubbing the spot where it had hit she muttered yet more censored words beneath her breath. Then she took another look at the book, which wasn't really. It was more like several sheets of paper tied together with yarn.

"Sheese, this is the longest one yet...."

"Then let us get started immediately," Holmes prompted, taking the book from her. "It's yet another story by Mary Christmas."

Baby Blues

Lestrade: (groans) I already hate this story....

Harry: Why?

Lestrade: Because I have a feeling I know what that title means.

Ginny: (looks confused, then her eyes widen) Oh! But surely not....

Lestrade: Haven't you learned anything in the time you've spent here?

Ginny: (huffs) Well, excuse me for being optimistic.

Harry: (shakes his head)

Holmes: If I could please continue reading? This is only the title, after all.

Summary: Weeeeelll, it's a little complicated. I think maybe you should probably just read...unless you're afraid....

All: We are.

Lestrade: Is that an invitation not to read?
(tears the note up as it flutters to her) Fine!

A/N: Okay, getting some notes out of the way... Jen, if you read this one...zed means the same thing as 'd*** or f*** or well, you get the idea....

Ginny: I'm thinking I don't want to understand.

Harry: (nods) You're probably right.

And to everybody else, I am soooo glad you liked "Ring of Innocence" It's the longest story I've ever written...ever ever ever ever ever.

Lestrade: Ring of Innocence?

Holmes: Best not to ask...

Lestrade: Right...well, at least she didn't ask us to read that one.

Harry: Yet....(catches the little paper airplane before it hits him)
Oh, it says that she can't do that here, because she doesn't think it's appropriate for the message board or Maureen's website.

Lestrade: Thank God for small favors...

Anyway, to anybody else who is just looking in...yes, I am very strange.

Lestrade: Really? We couldn't tell...

Here's yet another story from yours truly...I just couldn't get this idea out of my head....naughty naughty plot bunnies that won't leave me alone....

Lestrade: She's blaming all this on the plot bunnies again? I say we burn 'em all!

Holmes: Lestrade! They are simply figments of the author's imagination

Lestrade: (glowers)


Fun, that's what Beth Lestrade planned on having on this vacation.

Ginny: Isn't that what most people plan on having?

Harry: Except for Percy....

Ginny: No, Percy wouldn't even accept a vacation, much less plan for one.

Lestrade: (grumbles) Oh, now she gets me in character...after everyone else does.

Others: (edge very slowly away from Lestrade)

It seemed that every time she got these particular times off, she was always called back after maybe a day or two.

Lestrade: Ain't that the truth.

Holmes: And you don't care in the least.

Lestrade: That's not true! Why last January, I nearly killed Greyson when he called me back! I was in New York

Harry: (tries to stifle laughter)

Ginny: What's so funny?

Harry: Mister Holmes' birthday is in January...

Ginny: So?

Harry: So, they hold some sort of big gala event or something...I'm not sure. I overheard Hermione talking about it.

Which was why she was on her way to her brother's house in Galveston,

Lestrade: What!? What brother?

Holmes: I believe it is called artistic license.

Lestrade: I don't zedding care what it's called! It's not true!

Holmes: (quickly continues reading)

instead of in New London at her apartment like she usually was. Now she had two full weeks to get to know Crissy better than the few brief moments at the family reunions, and to reacquaint herself with Kevin.

Harry: Hey, this isn't so bad.

Ginny: Yeah...maybe your brother and sister-in-law are just going to make you babysit or something....

Lestrade: And just what is 'not so bad' about that?

Harry: Er...well, you's not...romantic or anything.

Lestrade: (narrows eyes) I refuse to think anything good about ANY of these authors!

Stepping out of the hovercab, she paid the driver and, without waiting for him to take off, walked up to the door. She depressed the buzzer and stood off to one side of the door. When it opened, she stayed out of the direct line of sight of the man before his comical expression of confusion made her give herself a way by laughing.

"You're getting slow in your old age, Kev," she teased as she stepped up and gave him a hug.

Lestrade: if I'd ever give someone a nickname like that!

Holmes: Please let me continue...there are still quite a few pages left.

Lestrade: Fine!

"Old age? Well, let me tell ya something, ya whipper snapper,"

Ginny: Ya whipper snapper? (giggles)

Harry: Um...a bit forced, don't you think?

Kevin returned, "With age comes wisdom." He struck a 'Thinker' pose, and Lestrade cracked up some more.

Lestrade: (laughs) You have to admit...that is pretty funny....

Harry: How?

Lestrade: That Mary would actually think anyone would laugh at this....

Harry: Oh.

"Yeah, well, with all that 'wisdom' you've got, you've probably already divined

Harry: That I'm going to die a horrible terrible death by being beheaded by a hippogriff, pulled across razorblades and then ground up beneath a giant's foot.

Lestrade: You have issues.

Ginny: (giggling) No, just too many hour spent making up horrible deaths for divination....

that your baby sister has just spent several uncomfortable hours in transit, and an even more uncomfortable forty minutes on the cab over here. And, on top of all that, you probably already know that she's starving."

Lestrade: (as 'Kevin') Why yes, I have...I just thought I'd keep you out here chatting for a while, though.

Harry: (in a misty voice) My inner eye sees all...I cannot use it all the time, though. Ordinary folk are quite bothered by it....

Ginny: (breaks up laughing)

Lestrade&Holmes: (stare at them)

"Did I just hear the 's' word?" Crissy asked coming up behind her husband,

Lestrade: Which 's' word would that be? Sister, she's, or starving?

"My goodness, Beth I can see that you are.

Lestrade: Oh.

Why, you're practically skin and bones! Shame on you, Kev, for making your sister stand out here. Come on inside now and this lazy good-for-nothing husband of mine'll get your things while I fix you somethin' to eat."

Ginny: Sounds a lot like Mum trying to force-feed Harry

Lestrade: (sizes up Harry) He needs it...

Harry: (blushing) Hey!

Beth grinned as Kev grumbled and complained goodnaturedly. The two had been married for ten years, but loved each other unconditionally -- despite the numerous teasing insults.

Harry: Now that sounds a lot like Ron and Hermione.

Ginny: Yeah, except the insults aren't good-natured, and neither are Ron's complaints.

Lestrade: (beginning to relax) Well, maybe you two were right... their children will probably come into play soon.

They didn't have children,

Lestrade: Or maybe not...right, that's it. (stands up and begins beating on various points of the four walls)

Ginny: (whispering to Harry) she's gone mad, hasn't she?

Holmes: Lestrade, do come sit down, you know that won't help.

Lestrade: (glowers) I know! But I have to hit something. (sizes Holmes up)

Holmes: Now, Lestrade.... (quickly goes back to reading)

but loved to treat Beth like she was theirs. She followed Crissy into the kitchen, or was dragged behind the woman, considering she had hold of her arm, and plopped down in one of the chairs at the table.

Several hours (and fried chicken legs) later they were all in the living room sitting before a cozy fire (not real, like at Baker Street)

Ginny: There goes the mention of Baker Street.... (giggles)

Harry: Yeah, why would she want to think about that?

Lestrade: (glares at the two of them)

and enjoying the warmth. Finally Beth broke the amiable silence by asking a rather awkward question.

"Did your new doctor have a better diagnosis?"

Harry: That's certainly a great way to break the ice...

Ginny: (nods)

Holmes: And yet it is exactly what Lestrade would do.
(puts the book up in front of his face to keep Lestrade from going ahead and punching him)

Kevin and Crissy exchanged looks. "Yes...and no," Kevin began.

Lestrade: How could it be yes and no?

Harry: Um...sort of like 'there's good news, and there's bad news'?

"He said there wasn't anything wrong with my's the rest of me that's the problem. I bleed too easily, and they can't find anything to stop the hemorrhaging. He said I'd die if I tried to have another baby."

Lestrade: I am not liking where this is going...

Harry: How can it go anywhere else?

Ginny: Yeah? Maybe this is just a sad er....

Holmes: Angsty?

Ginny: Yeah, that's the word

Lestrade: Maybe. (not sounding convinced)

Beth leaned over and reached across to pat Crissy on the hand. "I'm so sorry."

The older woman smiled and grasped her hand for a brief moment and then let go. "Doctor Phillips did say there was another way, but it just seems so...impersonal."

Kevin nodded his agreement. "Yes, if it weren't so hard to get on the lists for adoption, we'd much rather go that way."

Lestrade: What does that mean?

Holmes: (in exasperation) If you'd just let me continue reading....

Ginny: (whispering to Harry) They look so cute when they argue, don't they?

Harry: (whispers back) Yeah....

Holmes: (snaps his attention back to them and clears his throat)

"What do you mean?" Beth asked.

"He said that we could take one of my ova and fertilize it,

Ginny & Harry: What?

Lestrade: (sighs) That would take way too long to explain...and I was right, I don't want to know where this is going.

then implant the embryo in a surrogate mother," Crissy answered, "But, like I said, I just can't picture having a stranger carry our baby. I mean...what if she up and decides to run off with it?"

Harry: You mean, people actually do that? (looks slightly disgusted)

Ginny: (frowns) Wizards can do that too, but only with very complex spells that almost noone is able to do.

Harry: It's still...weird....

Lestrade: I am not going to do it.... (crosses her fingers)

"I'll do it," Beth heard herself saying,

Lestrade: (groans) Why?

Harry: Because it's your brother and he's the only family you have?

Ginny: I wouldn't do anything like that for any of my brothers.

Harry: Even if Hermione asked you to?

Ginny: Well...I suppose so...but...having a baby is a lot of work....

"I mean, I don't have a relationship...and I'm sure Grayson will understand if I don't come back for nine months, or a little longer."

Lestrade: (snorts) Yeah, right. He'd probably blow up and ask what I'd been doing with that "dead detective".

Holmes: (glances sharply at Lestrade as Ginny and Harry grin at each other)
Why would he do that?

Lestrade: (huffs) Oh, I don't know, maybe because I sing your praises to him and I'm not known for that?

Ginny: I knew it!

Lestrade: (growls) I only do it so he'll keep Holmes as a consultant.

Harry: We believe you...(mouths to Ginny) Not.

The look of joy on her brother's and sister-in-law's faces was enough to make her push back any doubts she had that she was doing the right thing.

Lestrade: NO!! That would NOT be enough! They'd have to pay me a LOT of money!

They spent the rest of the night talking animatedly about the subject, and made an appointment to see Doctor Phillips the very next day. They decided not to tell anyone else yet, just in case it didn't take.

Lestrade: Oh, how very convenient...I wonder what that means....

Holmes: Setup for another plot twist, no doubt.

Two weeks later, she looked out of the window of her transport at the great beast that had claimed their lives two days ago, and let the tears fall freely.

Harry: What, you're just staring at the creature? Isn't it going to...?

Lestrade: It's an analogy...I think...I hope...for the sea....

They had gone sailing, unmindful that a gale was brewing from the south.

Harry: Oh.

The tiny sailboat hadn't had a chance. She had attended the funeral services, and had gotten herself transport back home.

Holmes: The end of the prologue.

Lestrade: That was just the prologue?
(sarcastically) Oh, I can't wait for the rest....


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