A Hard Look into the Future

Part 8

by Annie Magee (SKLesMisgirl at aol.com)

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Chapter Eight: Proving Worthiness and the Beginning of an Investigation

Inspector Javert sighed heavily, taking another glance out of the vehicle's window. What had he'd gotten himself *into*? It seemed strange that Holmes would go missing soon after the announcement that James Moriarty was on the loose. Whoever this man was, he was dangerous, no doubt about it. But Holmes didn't seem to be foolish enough to fall for a trap easily. Could he have been taken captive? A sudden coughing spasm overtook him. The old man took a deep breath and bent forward, the strap that held him in his seat pressing into his coat. The fit seemed to last ages, and when it had stopped, he looked up and saw the 'face' of the robot in the mirror. "My heavens, are you all right, Mr. Javert?" the metallic 'man' exclaimed. "Maybe I should return you to Baker Street."

"NO!" the old man snapped, causing him to start coughing again. When he had finished, Javert said quietly "I'm all right."

Watson grumbled something like "Stubborn man," and continued to drive.

When the metal man finally pointed out New Scotland Yard, Javert looked up at it in awe. The old man saw two metal-colored buildings that reached high into the night. The second building was leaning on the first. Strange. This place was VERY different from what the officer thought it was going to be. Then again, nothing was the same as it was in his time.

The vehicle flew into a long passage lit with very bright illumination. The pair exited, and entered a large room. There stood Inspector Lestrade and another older, robust man with a grey head of hair and a disdainful look.

"You've gone off your microchip, Watson!" the Chief Inspector exclaimed. "What is he," he asked, pointing to Javert, "doing here?"

"He's come to help us find Holmes, Chief Inspector." Watson replied quickly, seeming almost human for a moment.

"That's why we have police officers, Watson!" the Chief Inspector roared.

The old inspector felt himself turn red, but hurriedly defended himself. "Monsieur, please forgive me, but I could not help but accompany Watson on this case. I am -- I was a police officer. I do believe I could be of help to you on this case."

"We have enough help, thank you." The Chief Inspector snapped.

"Chief, please. AT LEAST give him a chance!" the female officer interjected. "He could be of great help to us."

The older officer growled angrily, but then nodded. "Fine. If you want to take a rotting old man and turn him to a hero, far be it from me to intervene. But if he disappears, it'll be on your head!"

The Chief Inspector turned on his heel and stomped out, muttering to himself. The three of them grinned.

Lestrade turned to Javert and addressed him. "So, you're really going to help find Holmes?"

The old man bobbed his head. "Yes. But it is quite strange that Mr. Holmes vanished at the same time that your Professor James Moriarty re-appeared."

"Hmmm," Watson pondered. "That is odd!"

Javert turned to the robot. "At what time did the news of M. Moriarty's revival come on?"

"8:15 this morning. Why?"

The grey-haired man spoke to the woman next to him. "And what time did you call Watson and report the disappearance?"

Lestrade thought about it for a moment and then said "About 8:30."

"What time did you lose contact?"

"About 8:25."

"Do you know where he was?"

"Yes, he said he was in Canterbury Street."

Javert made a note of all this in his head. "Excellent, now we must be on our way," he announced.

They were just about to leave the room when another dizzy spell overtook him. Watson and Lestrade were instantly by his side, helping him up from the floor. He did not even know that he had collapsed.

"Mr. Javert? Are you all right?" The young woman asked quickly.

"Y-yes, I'm fine" was Javert's response, though it was shaky

"He has the beginning symptoms of pneumonia, but will not go home."

"Are you sure you can do this?"

The older Inspector smiled slightly. "I'm sure. Now, let's go."

"Oh, I was going to ask you," Inspector Lestrade began, but stopped abruptly.

"Yes?" Javert raised his head a little.

"How did you learn to speak English? I mean you just don't seem the type to know it."

The older inspector chuckled. "I was on a hunt for this man named Jean Valjean. I thought, or rather I received intelligence that he was moving to England. So I started to learn English. But I met Valjean again before he could flee. Now, shall we?"

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