The Adventure of the Double Holmes

Part 2

by Pat Cuadros

Note: Sorry this took so long to add to; I had a lot of projects in my classes after I started writing this fic. So, if you’ve been wondering what’s next, then here’s the next section to satisfy your curiosity!

"Master," a French man with a very deformed head said. "Your plan is working wonderfully. Sherlock Holmes has been separated from the Yardie."

A tall man with black hair and expensive clothing turned away from the solitaire game on his T.V. screen. He frowned with irritation at his henchman. "Of course it worked, you fool!" he hissed in reply. "My plan will make Holmes fall down on his knees before me. No one will be able to resist my power!"

* * * * *

Lestrade placed her hands on her hips after circling the room one last time. "Zed!" she muttered under her breath. "Not a single trace of DNA to be found! What do you make of all this, Holmes?"

"The thief was certainly cunning," was all the detective would tell her. His face was completely impassive as he faced her. "I believe I shall return to Baker Street now."

"What?!" Lestrade cried, preventing him from passing her. "What do you mean? I need you in on this case!"

Holmes paused before the woman, unaffected by her demand for assistance. "I am leaving," he insisted, shoving past her. "Ask Watson to stay and help you."

The inspector clenched her fists by her sides as she watched Holmes walk away. What’s going on with him? she thought to herself, realizing that Watson was right for once. "Watson, make sure the techies get everything they need here," she ordered. "I have to check something out."

"Of course, Inspector Lestrade," the compudroid readily complied.

Beth Lestrade walked onto the corner of the street in time to see Holmes dart through a nearby alley. "Huh?" she wondered out loud. "What is he up to?"

She rushed after the detective, leaving a safe distance between him and herself. Her thoughts wandered as she followed, giving way to her feelings. She couldn’t remember a time when Holmes had ever been intentionally cold toward her. Of course, there was that time after they had solved their first case together. However, this time the circumstances were entirely different. Holmes was completely reliant upon her talents in every situation, whether it was dangerous or not. Lestrade increased her pace down the alley, unaware of the dangers at hand....


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