Round Duck

Part 1

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at

This is the sequel to "Ducky". I have decided to make it a round robin's the first part.

Gosalyn glared at the book in front of her. Why did she have to sit and do homework while Dad was out having fun? She slammed the book closed and threw it against the wall, taking satisfaction from the loud noise it made. The resulting tremors made from the impact caused something to fall from a shelf. She walked over to it and grinned. It was the dimensional time portal device made by S.H.U.S.H.

Gosalyn quickly ran downstairs, then out the back door. She then ran to the fence and easily scaled it. She walked and ran over to beneath a window and stooped to pick up a small rock. She pitched it and winced when the glass shattered. Luckily Mr. and Mrs. Muddlefoot were rather...oblivious, and their oldest son Tank was listening to loud music. So all she had to deal with was her friend's ire.

"Gosalyn!" Honker whispered loudly, "That's the fourth window this week!" But the gosling was already climbing out and down the tree that grew conveniently close to the house.

"Sorry, Honk!" she whispered back, once he had joined her on the ground. They both quietly made their way back to her room.

"Now," Honker said in a normal voice, "What is all this about?"

Excitedly she told him her plan.

"Gosalyn! This is a 'time' portal as well as a dimensional one. That means that...."

"Oh, come on, Honker. We can be the first to ever know all about the humans. Besides, I kinda wanted to get to know that girl a little better." As she spoke, she was packing things into a small bag. "And you get to study this little doohickey."

Honker sighed but picked the device up and began making adjustments. "I still don't think this is a good idea, Gos. After all, we have no way of knowing exactly how much time has passed since we last were there, and I only know how to adjust it for this dimension."

Gosalyn waved that aside. "As long as we can get back here before my dad gets home."

The two friends stood side by side. Honker held the device in his left hand and raised his right index finger to press the button. Right as he pushed it, Gosalyn cried out, "Wait! I forgot to pack food." She turned to run, which knocked the device from Honker's hands. It fell with a clatter to Gosalyn's bedroom floor, still active. The two children were gone.

Okay, that's the first part. Whoever wants to continue it may....

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