Round Duck

Part 3

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at

Darkwing Duck smiled to himself in satisfaction. He had just placed Steelbeak out of commission once again...although....

His smile grew less self-satisfied and turned into a grimace. Stupid Gismo Duck. Of course that metallic numbskull would be given all the credit for the capture, while he, the only defense Saint Canard had against the evil villainy of the world, was treated like a common criminal.

Still grumbling to himself, he sat in an armchair that had a twin on the beside a table with a bust of Basil of Baker Street. Jamming his fist down hard on the bust, he growled. The chairs and table spun around, and the scene changed from a dark and dreary tower filled with gadgets of all sorts to a bright suburban living room. In place of the masked duck with the garish purple costume, was a well dressed suburbanite. Drake Mallard...sighed to himself and went into the kitchen to fix a glass of milk. At least it was quiet now, with Launchpad off helping out Scrooge McDuck and Gosalyn up in her room doing homework.

Abruptly Drake spit his milk out and raced upstairs. Gosalyn was never this quiet...especially when it came to doing homework. Sure enough, when he reached the room, there was no sign of the little redhead. He started to leave, but was stopped by the sight of the glowing time portal...well, whatever that thing was.

Making a quick decision, he whipped out his costume and changed in a matter of seconds (it's a with me). Settling his fedora at a rakish angle on his head, he narrowed his eyes and stepped towards the...thing.

"Let's. Get. Dangerous," he growled out as he picked the thing up. He was immediately engulfed in light.


"Well, now look what's happened, Gosalyn!" Honker yelled. "I told you that wasn't the kind of thing to mess around with."

Gosalyn ignored him and looked around. They had landed in some sort of high security building. "Keen gear!" she shouted excitedly. Maybe it was a military building that housed aliens.

"My my, what do we have here...most interesting...."

Gosalyn yelped and fell backwards. It did have aliens! She glared up at the odd-looking face of the creature. It looked like a human in a distorted way. Then...maybe it was a mutant zombie!

"Anthropomorphic ducks...the master would certainly like to see this," the mutant zombie said with enthusiasm.

"Oh yeah?" Gosalyn said angrily. "For your information we are not anfomorpican...antomorfin...well, whatever it was that you said. And for another, we will never give in to your master's demands!"

The mutant zombie just chuckled and murmured something about kids being so cute as ropes of energy wrapped around them.

Gosalyn glared at Honker, because he had been silent since his original outburst, then gasped when she saw what he was doing.

Lestrade gave a relieved sigh as she pushed the last of the paperwork away. It seemed to get longer and longer every time she did it, and she suspected Greyson was doing it on purpose. All she had to do now was get it down to financial in order and she was home free.

At about that time, a blurred purple object crashed into her desk, scattering the paperwork and putting a large crack in her desk. She growled, which turned into a groan when she saw what the object was.


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