Sherlock Boo

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at

Inspector Beth Lestrade stood nervously before Sir Evan Hargreaves.


"The experiment was successful, but...I should warn you...he's a giant chicken.."

Lestrade snorted in outrage. "Sherlock Holmes most certainly is not a chicken. How dare you say something like that!?" She turned angrily on her hee and marched into the room where a, WAS a chicken...a giant one. She marched over to it and poked it.

"Hey! You. Chicken. Just what do you think you're doing?"

The chicken just looked at her all...chicken-like..."Buh-gawk?"

"I believe it is trying to impersonate me to get attention."

Lestrade whirled around to face a tall man with hawk-like features. "What is it with you and birds, Holmes?"

Holmes opened his mouth to answer but was interrupted by the chicken jumping on his head and out the window.

You wear a disguise to look like human guys;
But you're not a man, you're a chicken, Boo.

Dot: (crying) That...was beautiful...

Yakko: (sighs) Yeah...I give it two p-psychiatrists up

Dr. Scratch N. Sniff: (hanging upside down from the ceiling in front of a mirror) Hey, you monkeys! Let me down!

Lestrade: Uh, Mary? What's going on here?

Holmes: Why, Lestrade, I should think you would know by now. She enjoys torturing us.

Lestrade: Oh yeah...No, wait. That's not a good thing...

Dot: It's so romantic....(sighs and flutters her eyelashes)

Yakko and Wakko: (make gagging sounds, then finally jump into Lestrade's arms) Helloooooo, Inspector Beth!

Yakko: Will you go out with me?

Lestrade: Uh, well, you see....

Holmes: She's taken.

Yakko and Lestrade: (at the same time)
Yakko: She is?     Lestrade: I am?

Holmes: (nods solemnly) By him. (points to Watson)

Watson: (blank look)

Mary: Say good night, everybody.

Watson: (blank look)

Everybody else: Good night, everybody!

Hope ya get to feeling better.


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