The Slumber Party

Part 2

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at

Wiggins sighed as he struggled with himself over the possibility that this probably wasn't the best idea Mister Holmes had had. He looked in the bathroom mirror one last time at the elastomask that had changed his features completely into those of a young teenage girl, complete with eyeshadow and lipgloss. He even had earrings! With another resigned sigh, he checked to make sure the special bra he'd been given was still in place, that his grey V-neck tee shirt was straight and that his kneelength black skirt wasn't riding up. Man, if anything went wrong, he was going to kill Deidre for giving the detective this idea. With that thought he walked out of the bathroom.

"Hey, no fair!" Deidre said with a grin, "You look classier than me!"

"Deidre....just don't."

"Excellent, Wiggins. A most interesting ensemble you've chosen. I couldn't have done better myself," Holmes said. Wiggins looked over at him and did a double take. The detective too had an elastomask, of a young woman with bright red hair pulled back into a ponytail. His clothing consisted of black tights and a dark blue pullover sweater. He had on a pair of ankle boots to complete the look.

"Erm, thanks...I think."

Holmes chuckled. "Now, now, lad, it's not that bad. However we do have one more thing -- or two more, in your case." He handed the boy a pair of black combat boots and a small, round electronic device.

Wiggins put the combat boots on, and attached the device to his neck, just under the elastomask. "I guess we're all ready now..uh...gee, this thing really works good!" His voice was a few octaves higher, and had a longer drawl to it.

"It does at that," Holmes said, his own voice quite a bit more feminine.

"Boy, that's scary."

"Now," Holmes continued, ignoring Deidre's comment, "We must set our story straight, then go on to Deidre's house so that she can get her overnight bag. I already have ours put together by the door. I am Sheryl Holder, and you are my foster daughter Wilhelmina Black. I've known Deidre's parents for years, and you've just come over from America."

"Right," Deidre said, "And, since Alice was nice enough to give me this invitation, I thought it would be a good chance to let you meet some new people."

"I got it. I wish I didn't..."

Holmes patted Wiggins on the back, then walked over to the door. "Coming, you two?"

Deidre giggled and followed. Wiggins closed his eyes for a moment then did the same, grabbing his overnight bag as he walked out the door after them.

Several minutes later, he stood nervously at the door of Alice's mansion. Deidre was saying something to him, but his mind wouldn't register the words. Too many things could go wrong with this, and there was the added fact that Inspector Lestrade was there. Though he was sure she'd break into fits of laughter if she knew what they were up least he was pretty sure...he hoped.

Holmes knocked on the door and waited a few moments. Then the door jerked open, and Inspector Lestrade herself was staring them in the face with a baleful eye. Wiggins held his breath, knowing she knew. How could she possibly not? The jig was up and they'd have to leave.

"Who are you?"

"Oh, I invited her," Alice said, coming up from behind, and pointing at Deidre, who was hiding behind Holmes.

"Deidre? You aren't really scared of me, so cut out the act. Okay, so you invited her. Who are these other two?"

"She said that I had to bring a girlfriend and a female role-model. I've always looked up to Sheryl, ever since I've known her." Deidre paused to grin up at Holmes who smiled back. "And Wilhelmina is her fosterdaughter. She's just come from America. I figured, even though I can't stand you preppy good-for-nothings, that it might be good for her to get to know more people."

"Oh," was all Alice said. The girl shrugged and walked back into the house.

"Female role-model?" Lestrade asked, "That girl...."

"I take it that means you were not invited here in that capacity, then?" Holmes asked.

"Ha! The only model I'd provide for these particular kids is what not to do with your life. The only reason I'm here is because I owe a favor to Kaylee, Alice's older sister. She helped me out in college once. Anyway the girl sprung this sleepover suddenly, and Kaylee had a business meeting to attend to, so I'm stuck as chaperone."

"I don't think I like your attitude," Holmes said suddenly, "You make it seem as though all rich girls are spoiled rotten."

Lestrade for once didn't rise to the bait. "Most of them are. The only girl in there that hasn't been most interested in the latest fashion, or whose boyfriend has a better hovercraft, is Jacey. But I already knew she had taste."

Wiggins jumped slightly. He had completely forgotten Jacey was going to be here! How would she react to finding out about this? He almost refused to go in when the inspector finally moved out of the way. This was shaping up to be one of the worst evenings he had ever had.


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