It's the Truth, I Swear!

Part 1

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at

Okay, "Baby Blues" is being put on hold until I can find the notes I wrote up on it a month ago...It's kinda like a serial, really, and it's going to have mini-mysteries...sorta like eps, I guess. Anyway.....the plot bunnies visited me a couple of days ago with this little number, and since we do need more Watson stories... well, here you go. *grins* It's a crossover...but you'll have to read to find out which....

Sherlock Holmes stepped into his rooms at Baker Street with a satisfied smile on his face. The next time perhaps the authorities would listen better to an "amateur PI who doesn't have enough sense to get out of the rain." The smile soon faded however as he noted a bruised and battered -- not to mention fuming -- Lestrade, as well as an equally battered Watson. His mind quickly tried to assimilate this scene and to come up with a reasonable explanation.

From the burnmarks on all their clothing, and the way they were positioned they must have been involved in a crash. This certainly went along well with the bruises -- and the fuming. His smile returned -- even more of a smirk than before. "I see Lestrade's driving has not improved in my absence," he quipped.

This only elicited a short growl from Lestrade -- which sounded remarkably like a cornered wild animal -- and a heavy sigh from the compudroid.

"You could say that, Holmes...though that's hardly the only reason for our appearance," Watson said in a weary-sounding voice.

Holmes' left eyebrow went up. "Oh? And what, pray tell, happened, then?"

"It's a long story, Holmes," Lestrade growled, "And you probably won't believe us."

"I am in need of a story," he said, his smirk growing. "Besides, is it not up to me what I will or will not believe? Hmm?"

"He is right, Lestrade," Watson pacified, sensing a battle as Lestrade stiffened on the sofa beside him, "Very Holmes, here is what happened...."


Ignoring the intermittent interruptions by the annoying News On Demand weather reports of "more snow expected, bundle up out there -- it's going to get chilly", the level seven law enforcement compudroid continued his rapid typing. Several new adventures (Holmes would have shuddered to hear them spoken of as such) needed to be uploaded into the database and corrected.

"As if it isn't already 'chilly'," he murmured cheerfully. Generally an easy-going sort of person, he didn't let much affect him, and continued his work. It was a bit odd without Holmes around -- not to mention silent, though that last would change once the Irregulars dropped by for their regular afternoon tea.

However, it changed much sooner than that, as Lestrade burst through the door, her breathing heavy and her eyes flashing with excitement. Watson looked over at her in surprise, wondering what on earth she could be doing there. "Holmes is not here," he said, stating the obvious, "I had thought you already knew that, Inspector."

Lestrade shook her head. "I need someone as a witness -- just in case this character I'm after gets her family involved. Lousy politicians. They think money and connections fix everything," she huffed. "And you know what's funny? It does." She abruptly changed the subject. "Anyway, do you mind? Someone other than a Yardie would be more believable."

Watson didn't need convincing. He missed Holmes' presence more than he'd realized -- or perhaps it was just human companionship. In any case, it would be just like old times -- he and the inspector paired up to stop some crime. Though this time he wouldn't be reporting every action and word back to the Yard. An uncontrollable blush rose in his cheeks, making Lestrade give him an odd look. Quickly telling her that it was nothing, he walked towards the door, not waiting for her to follow.

A short time later, they were speeding along at a neck-breaking pace through the hazardous skies of New London, chasing after the culprit who had panicked at the simple sight of the Yard Cruiser.

Watson, used to the Inspector's driving by now, focused on keeping the hovercraft in sight. However, his vigilance wasn't quite enough, as the vehicle swerved to the right just as Lestrade was going to the left. In an attempt to correct her mistake and follow, she turned abruptly.

That was when Watson's sensors went offline.

Okay, you'll find out about the x-over in the next chappie...if you want to, that is....

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