Time to Time

by Krystal (jkkpilon at juno.com)

Part 2


Thank you all who replied to my story!! i hope to finish this by next friday. here you go !!

Andy landed with a hard thud on the pavement, ducking just in time as a hovercar passed over him.

"Hey, Iím sitting here!! Wow, a flying car. She actually made one of her inventions work. Better not let her know that." He hoped that she had come too. Turning to find he was alone, a hovercar stopped only a dime away. Finding the situation bad, he started to run.

Lestrade could see this wouldnít be easy. Hopping out of her cruiser, she followed him.

"Halt! Inspector Lestrade of New Scotland Yard!" She grinned to herself and said, "They always want to do it the hard way."

Why am I running? thought Andy, taking the corner at top speed. I didnít do anything wrong. Deciding not to make this any worse, he tried to stop but caught his leg and fell. Lestrade came up behind him.

"Hey, did you something wrong? 'Cuz I was just going to ask you for the time."

"Well, by my watch itís 11:37. And no, I didnít do anything wrong. Iím just trying out for track team."

Oh, great. A kid with a sense of humor like Holmes'.

"Listen, kid, let me see your ID."


"O.K. then let me see your prints." She placed his hand on the screen. "No prints? Whatís the meaning of this? Come with me." Maybe Holmes can figure this thing out.

"What did I do?"

"How 'bout avoidance of police."

"Huh. You donít use the death penalty, do you?"

Iím splitting a gut on this one. Hope you likie!!

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