Truth or Dare II

Part G

by Mary C.

Uh..when we get to Z we start doing double letters, part AA.

Mary grinned over at Alex. "Oh don't worry. It's Frodo who will feel the wrath of my anger."

Frodo looked up at her and smiled enigmatically. "And just how do you plan on doing that?" She simply growled at him.

Matt sighed and shrugged, then answered Alex's question. "Dare, I guess. Everyone else seems to be doing them."

"Okay, then," Alex grinned, "I dare you to act like a strip dancer and take off your shirt and throw it at somebody."

Matt went red, but still did as she asked. The younger girls in the room all cheered and screamed. "Give it to me, give it to me! give it to me!" Lestrade rolled her eyes and muttered something about immaturity. Frodo was giving Matt looks that could kill. Once Matt had retrieved his shirt from the fawning Deidre (who had actually jumped up onto the table to get it), he turned to George. "Truth or Dare?"

George thought for a moment. "Dare. Don't want to break our record, now do we?"

"All right, I've got a good one. You all seem to not like this Snape guy so...I dare you to become his personal slave for the rest of this game."

"What? No way!"

"Georgie porgie," Mary sang sweetly, "The alternative is to declare your undying love to Jenny the monkey."

"Well, Hairy Mary," he responded, "That's better than being his," jerks his hand towards Snape, "personal slave."

"All right. But if you can't find Jenny then you have to perform your dare."

George nodded and left the lab. A few minutes later he came back looking disgruntled. "Damn! All right, Sirius, truth or dare?"

Sirius grinned. "Why, don't you know me by now? Truth."

Okay, Alex, your turn....

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