The World Wide Web

Part 1

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at

This was inspired by Angel's "Tour" fic. ^_^

Sherlock Holmes was surfing the internet one day, as he was utterly bored. The city's crime life had been quiet lately, except for a few petty misdemeanors that the denizens of New Scotland Yard had under control. After not finding anything of interest, he started to log off. Then he remembered something one of the Irregulars had mentioned something about 'chatting' online.

So he found one of the popular chat sites and enrolled himself under the name Worlds_Greatest_Consulting_Detective. After doing so he went into the first room he saw, which was "Totally Victorian".

Worlds_Greatest_Consulting_Detective has entered the room

Mathmaticz_Rule: Greetings detective.

Queen_of_New_London: Hi!! Welcome!!!! a/s/l?

Frenchie: Hey Queen, why do u ask every male who comes in here that?

Queen_of_New_London: Cuz I can...Frenchie

Worlds_Greatest_Consulting_Detective: Hello...I am just going to observe....

Mathmaticz_Rule: Very interesting. Sounds like something Sherlock Holmes would do...Are you Mister Holmes?

Worlds_Greatest_Consulting_Detective: Tennyson?

Queen_of_New_London: Oh yay!!!!! Mister Holmes is here! Wahoooo!!!!! yah!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!

Frenchie: Cut it out Deidre! Those xclaimation marks are giving me a headache

Frenchie: ^exclaimation

Queen_of_New_London: Ohhhh!!! Kill evil typo demon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frenchie whacks Deidre upside the head

Queen_of_New_London ducks

Mathmaticz_Rule sighs "Here they go again" settles back with some popcorn to watch

Worlds_Greatest_Consulting_Detective: So I see...

Lovely_Elven_Maiden enters the room

Frenchie: Ah!! good your here. Make Queenie stop!

Lovely_Elven_Maiden: Whatever Frenchie, you are on your own this time...

Mathmaticz_Rule:'re going to tell us your real first name right? That's what you said last night

Queen_of_New_London: Yeah! we told you ours! and you nsaid you would say urs today! Because you had to leave so quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lovely_Elven_Maiden: Er...uh....okay. My real first name is...Luthien. And my last name is Tinuviel.

Aralyn_Brandybuck enters the room

Aralyn_Brandybuck: Hey all! I'm back!!!!! Yah! Wow there's more people here than when I

Frenchie: Yeah right Elven..*shakes head*

Queen_of_New_London: Ara!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aralyn_Brandybuck: Oh oh guess what?

Queen_of_New_London: What?

Frenchie: What?

Mathmaticz_Rule: What?

Lovely_Elven_Maiden: Hey, she hasn't told you her real name yet either!!!!

Aralyn_Brandybuck: I'm typing and my stuff goes into the future!!!! You guys are like in the 22nd or 23rd century...and I'm in the 21st. Really cool huh!!!!! And this is the only chat room that does this!! And I'm the only one who...

Aralyn_Brandybuck: grr...stupid limit...the only one who can get into it from my time...

Lovely_Elven_Maiden: Wow Ara, that's really cool

Worlds_Greatest_Consulting_Detective: Very interesting...I wonder how...

Mathmaticz_Rule: Maybe it has something to do with Moriarty....

Lovely_Elven_Maiden: What!?

Queen_of_New_London: Who cares? I wanna know what Elven's real name is...

Frenchie: Yeah me too...

Aralyn_Brandybuck: me threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Lovely_Elven_Maiden: Fine!!! but you have to tell us your real name too Ara...and so does the detective...since i wasnt' here when y'all talked before my name is...Beth

Worlds_Greatest_Consulting_Detective has left the room

Holmes quickly signed out. Tennyson had had a point there. What if it had been Moriarty messing with things? Of course that girl could have made that up, but there was no harm in checking.

Well what do you guys think? Want me to continue? There will be H/L later I promise...and there's actually a kinda sorta plot to this! Wow!!

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