Part 1

by Will K (willkinn at

Slate called after Rusty, and when he didn't come, she went to check it out.

She gasped. In Rusty's place was a man dressed in nineteenth century clothes.

"Who the heck are you?" Slate asked with terror.

"Professor James Moriarty," the man said as he stood up.

"Where is Rusty?" Slate asked angrily.

"Who?" Moriarty asked.

"The robot who was sitting here!" she said, tears coming to her eyes.

"Where am I?" Rusty asked a funny looking man.

"In New London," was the man's response.

"'New' London!" Rusty exclaimed, "What happened to the old London?"

"Are you serious?" the stranger asked.

"What year is it?" Rusty asked.

"2104. Everyone knows that."

"Whoa, I've come through time 100 years!"

Moriarty politely asked, "What year is it, madam?"

"2004," was her response.

"No, it cannot be...." he said. "I've gone back in time!"

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