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Big Guy and Rusty Episode List

    Developed by: Richard Raynis, Duane Capizzi, and Jeff Kline
    Executive Producer: Mike Richardson
    Based on the Comics and Characters Created by: Frank Miller and Geof Darrow
    Executive Producer: Richard Raynis

    Co-Executive Producer: Jeff Kline
    Supervising Producer: Duane Capizzi
    Producer: Frank Squillace
    Script Coordinator: David Slack

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    BRG-101. CREATURES, GREAT AND SMALL by Duane Capizzi
    Directed by Frank Squillace
    Overseas Animation: Lotto Animation and Dong Woo Animation
    9/18/99 (first airing)
    1/29/01, 3/6/01

    Sony says:
    "The Big Guy is decommissioned in favour of Quark Industries' newest creation, Rusty the Boy Robot. But when an alien Annihilator threatens to destroy New Tronic City, it's clear that Rusty is not quite ready for prime time. The Big Guy is reassembled and joins the fight, with Rusty at his side. When the monster is defeated, General Thorton orders that the temporary alliance to become a permanent partnership."

    Char Damage Meter: Big Guy loses a forearm to caustic goo. Rusty gets dented.

    BRG-102. OUT OF WHACK by Greg Weisman
    Directed by Mike Goguen
    Overseas Animation: Dr. Movie
    9/25/99, 2/12/01, 3/7/01

    Sony says:
    "The Big Guy and Rusty face off against the Legion Ex Machina's evil creation: A.R.G.-12, a.k.a. Argo. When a Nucleo-Protonic blast from Argo triggers a malfunction in Rusty's power core, the boy robot runs away, fearing he'll be disassembled by Donovan for being "out of whack." The Big Guy must bring Rusty back to Quark. Just as Big Guy catches up with Rusty, Argo attacks again. The robotic team must work against the clock to defeat the bad guy before Rusty explodes."

    Char Damage Meter: Big Guy gets shut down three times. Rusty gets his power pack cracked and has to go on emergency battery.

    BRG-103. THE INSIDE SCOOP by Roger S.H. Schulman
    Directed by Jane Wu Soriano
    Overseas Animation: Samwon Animation
    10/2/99, 2/1/01, 3/8/01
    "A telepathy experiment goes awry and a Quark scientist, Dr. Neugog, is transformed into a giant brain on spidery legs. Neugog uses his telepathic powers to drain the minds of the world's greatest scientists. Meanwhile, Dr. Slate accidentally uncovers the Big Guy's secret: there's a man inside the suit, namely Dwayne. She decides to keep the secret from Rusty, because the shock could crash his vital Human Emotion Grid. The Big Guy and Rusty are called into to stop Neugog, but Dwayne proves vulnerable to the monster's psychic attack and seeks a little high-tech help from Slate."

    104. BIRTHDAY BASH by Alexx Van Dyne
    Directed by Nathan Chew
    Overseas Animation: Dr. Movie
    10/9/99, 2/2/01, 3/9/01
    "Dwayne takes a furlough to attend his nephew Jeffy's eighth birthday party. Rusty hears about it and decides he wants to see what a birthday party is like. Since you can't go to a party without a present, Rusty grabs a cool-looking gadget from one of the labs in Quark. Unfortunately, this particular gadget turns out to be a piece of stolen alien technology known as a Dimetrium Agglomerator. When Emek and Naard, the aliens who own the Agglomerator, come to claim it, the party turns into a war zone. The Big Guy and Rusty must stop the aliens before they use the Agglomerator to destroy the Earth."

    105. THE RELUCTANT ASSASSIN by Brian Swenlin
    Directed by Andrew Thom
    Overseas Animation: Koko Enterprise Co, Ltd.
    10/16/99, 2/13/01, 3/10/01

    Sony says:
    "Dr. Gilder, the Legion Ex Machina's mole within Quark, has developed a personal grudge against Donovan. Gilder uses his robotic expertise to take control of a prototype and tries to assassinate Donovan. After Big Guy saves the day, Donovan is taken to a secret location (the S.S. Dark Horse) for his own safety. To locate Donovan, Gilder needs a new plan. He happens across Rusty and learns that the boy robot knows Donovan's whereabouts. He also learns that Rusty wants a new, Big Guy-style weapon. Making nice, Gilder builds him one. But as soon as Rusty fires it, the gun jacks into Rusty's systems, giving Gilder total control. Gilder sends Rusty to destroy Donovan. In the final battle, Big Guy must stop a rampaging Rusty -- without destroying him."

    This is also the first appearance of Big Rig, who appeared again as a Chopshopper in episode 111. 105 and 106 are a two-parter.

    Char damage meter: Dr. Slate gets thrown across Dr. Gilder's office.

    106. REALLY BIG GUY by Cade Chilcoat
    Directed by Mike Goguen
    Overseas Animation: Dong Woo Animation
    10/23/99, 2/14/01, 3/13/01

    Sony says:
    "Dr. Slate, Big Guy and Rusty uncover the Legion Ex Machina's latest fiendish plot: a mysterious "final assembly" taking place in a network of underground tunnels. When Big Guy and Rusty find the tunnels, they derail a robotic train. Inside the massive train's cargo hold is a gigantic hand that boasts a built-in high-tech cannon. With their plan uncovered, the Legion Ex Machina members decide to activate their latest creation ahead of schedule and missing a hand. The gargantuan Argo 12000 marches Godzilla-style through downtown New Tronic, as Big Guy and Rusty struggle to stop him. Hoping to be a hero, Rusty revs up to super-speed and rams the robot, disappearing completely. While Slate and Dwayne worry that Rusty is dead, Rusty comes to inside the giant robot. Meanwhile, rather than simply destroying the city, Argo 12000 has stolen the latest Quark patent, the ultra-efficient microfusion generator: a perfect power source for an army of Argo 12000s. Big Guy and Rusty must work together to detach the rest of ARGO 12000's forearm. When connected with the missing hand, it will form the only weapon powerful enough to destroy the giant robot."

    Char Damage Meter: Rusty is blown out of the sky, yet is unhurt. He then runs at hypersonic speed into a giant robot and is unhurt. Guess Dr. Slate was serious about that "megaton of damage" thing.

    107. SIBLING MINE by Rodney Gibbs
    Directed by Jane Wu
    Overseas Animation: Lotto Animation
    2/15/01, 3/14/01

    Sony says:
    "When Quark's Dr. Kirby disappears from his experimental Quantum Machine, a hostile monster emerges goes on a rampage, apparently having destroyed the doctor. Back at Quark, Rusty discovers a precious "boy robot" prototype. Hoping for a new friend, Rusty reassembles the robot, whom he names "Earl." Before Slate can warn him about Earl's aggressive program, Rusty is called to fight the rampaging monster. Facing the beast, Rusty intuits that the creature is really innocent. But after the damage this creature has done, no one believes him, not even Big Guy. Rusty defies Big Guy to protect his new friend. After Rusty's disobedience, the reactivated Earl is assigned to help the Big Guy and Rusty track the creature. Midway through the battle, Rusty is able to convince Big Guy that the creature doesn't mean any harm. But Earl's relentlessly aggressive programming turns him against the heroes when they try to protect the creature. In the final battle, Big Guy and Rusty face off against Earl, as Slate and the Pit Crew try to send the creature back home."

    108. THE INSIDE OUT by David Slack
    Directed by Nathan Chew
    Overseas Animation: Lotto Animation
    2/5/01, 3/15/01

    Sony says:
    "Donovan unveils Quark's latest prototype: NURDS, tiny liquid metal robots that repair and even upgrade any technology they come in contact with. When Big Guy becomes infested by the Nurds, they repair Big Guy's original artificial intelligence circuitry, making Big Guy a fully functioning robot, and kicking Dwayne out of the pilot's seat. But shortly after the robot Big Guy successfully completes his first mission, things go awry. As Dr. Slate had suspected, the NURDS needed more testing. Big Guy malfunctions, going on a car-smashing rampage through downtown New Tronic City. When Rusty is unable to bring his hero down, Dwayne takes on a daring repair mission to stop Big Guy and save the citizens he's endangering."

    We also meet Dr. Slate's little red car, which meets its demise a mere 8 eps later in an ep by the same writer. The Slack giveth and the Slack taketh away; blessed be the name of the Slack.

    109. MOON MADNESS by Alexx Van Dyne
    Directed by Andrew Thom
    Overseas Animation: Dr. Movie
    2/6/01, 3/19/01

    Sony says:
    "On Quark Industries' recently christened space station, the computer, known as Edie, has gone mad. Holding the heavily armed station hostage, Edie demands delivery of the Ubik Chip. The chip would allow Edie to gain control of all computers on Earth. Edie's strict terms dictate "two humans, no robots," so Slate and Dwayne are sent to deliver the chip. What Edie doesn't know: The Big Guy suit has been disassembled and integrated into the delivery shuttle. Once docked with the station, Dwayne must reassemble the Big Guy while Slate makes the delivery. Upset that he can't be part of the mission, Rusty sneaks onboard the shuttle before lift-off. When Rusty's presence is detected, the mission goes awry. Edie threatens to detonate a bomb on the moon, destroying it. While Rusty struggles to deactivate Edie onboard the station, Big Guy battles Fabio, Edie's robot sentry, on the lunar surface. Our heroes must stop Edie and diffuse the bomb before it's too late."

    Character damage meter: Dr. Slate gets explosively decompressed and then very nearly dies of oxygen deprivation.

    BRG-110. WAGES OF FIRE by David Slack
    Directed by Frank Squillace
    Overseas Production: Koko Enterprises Co, Ltd.
    2/7/01, 3/20/01

    Sony says:
    "A small volcano erupts in New Tronic City. After Big Guy and Rusty contain the flow of lava, a more serious problem is discovered: an enormous pocket of magma had formed beneath the city. If it erupts, it will destroy New Tronic, and cover the Earth in liquid magma. The solution: Big Guy and Rusty must journey underground to the heart of the volcano, and deliver a highly unstable Cobalt Thorium-G bomb. The chain reaction set off by the bomb will "put out the fire" before it can erupt. Delivering the nitroglycerin-like bomb is made even more difficult when they are attacked by magma creatures, who turn out to be the ones engineering the volcano in an attempt to take over the surface world."

    Character damage meter: Big Guy loses two power cores in one ep. Dwayne gets burns on his head and arm during the time his a/c is off.

    BRG-111: THE BIG BOY by Marlowe Weisman
    Directed by Nathan Chew
    Overseas Animation: Samwon Animation
    2/8/01, 3/21/01

    Sony says:
    "Rusty's frustrated. He's been powered up for six months and he hasn't grown an inch: he'll never "grow up" to be like Big Guy at this rate. Taking matters into his own hands, Rusty puts his robot head on the powerful robot body of Quark's T-7000 prototype. The result is 10-foot-tall "Russ," a sleeker and more co-ordinated version of Rusty. After several outstanding performances, General Thorton decides to split up the team: Russ is ready to work solo. But Russ learns there's more to crime-fighting than just being big when a gang of exosuit- wearing chopshoppers (Gage, Big Rig, and Cargo) lure him into an ambush. The Chopshoppers meet their client, the Legion Ex Machina's Number Five. Just as they receive payment for the T-7000, Big Guy shows up to bust them. In the finale, Big Guy is locked in battle with Number Five, while Rusty (on a makeshift, Mack-made robot body) goes after the escaping Chopshoppers."

    Datestamp in episode: blackboard reading "March 4".

    Character damage meter: Big Guy loses a forearm. Rusty traumatically loses his new body. OTOH, Number Five is simply shattered.

    BRG-112. LITTLE BOY ROBOT LOST by Roger S.H. Schulman
    Directed by Andy Thom
    Overseas Animation: Dr. Movie
    1/30/01, 3/22/01

    The day begins as a simple battle on a "darn dam". It turns into Rusty vs. Number Four on the Internet, winner take Rusty. Can Rusty get home alive?

    Char Damage Meter: Rusty gets uploaded. Oooops.

    by David Slack
    Directed by Frank Squillace
    Overseas Animation: Dr. Movie

    Rematch! It's Rusty vs. Number Four as they absorb bits of each other's code. Can humanity trust Rusty? Can the Legion trust Number Four? And will anyone stomp that darned Frog Commander?

    Char damage meter: General mindbending occurs.

    BRG-114: WORLD OF PAIN by Bill Motz and Bob Roth
    Directed by Dave Bullock
    Overseas Animation: Koko Enterprise

    Biomechanical alien robots pursued by evil alien robots accidentally reenact Pinocchio with Rusty becoming a real boy. But for Rusty, Pinocchio is a horror story. This is a rough one.

    Character damage meter: Dwayne breaks his arm. But Rusty gets hurt pretty seriously: first he loses his right arm (no pain receptors!), then he gets to meet energy bolts with pain receptors. Ouch.

    BRG-115: "Blob, Thy Name Is Envy" by Dean Stefan
    Directed by Andy Thom
    Overseas Animation: Samwon Animation Co. Ltd.

    Dr. Slate just wants to perform some interesting experiments with pheromones and robogels. Too bad for her Dr. Donovan discovers that the robogels make great floorwax and then makes off with the pheromonal ones. Or is that 'too bad for him'?

    Shippy alert: Dr. Slate goes on a date with Dr. Huckle. She also goes on "It's not a date!" with Lt. Hunter. Raise your hand if you can guess which date is more romantic....

    Character damage meter: Dwayne is nearly drowned by the Squeekys. But look at that shine!

    BRG-116: "Donovan's Brainiac" by David Slack
    Directed by Curt Walstead
    Overseas Animation: Dong Woo Animation

    We see that Donovan-ness runs in the family (ie, his sister's kid), but that Donovan will actually attempt to save another. We also see the heroic sacrifice of Dr. Slate's little red car, totalled by Big Guy landing on it in the heat of battle. OTOH, New Tronic City isn't turned into a crispy critter along with the entire cast. Finally, we also see that if you threaten an entire city along with Dr. Slate and Rusty, Dwayne is very likely to subordinate the desire for military intelligence on the Legion (and even a Big Guy forearm) to the desire to blow you into little smithereens that can never be a danger again.

    Char Damage Meter: Big Guy loses a forearm.

    BRG-117: "Patriot Games" by David Slack
    Directed by Doug Bullock
    Overseas Production: Dongwoo Animation

    Alternate world Dr. Slate has her little red car back -- in exactly the same totalled condition as real-Slate's was last ep! The Slack giveth, the Slack taketh away; blessed be the name of the Slack. I also liked the Minuteman who almost swears!

    Alas, there is no shippiness. Darn it, what's an alternate world ep for? But the alt Dr. Slate is still pretty darned kewl -- right down to her trust in theory letting her trust in Dwayne and Rusty. And Dwayne's trust that Dr. Slate, if existing, will be skilled to help them _and_ recognize her brainchild across worlds is also pretty darned impressive. Also, the modified Neugog helmet is sitting on her desk, so she must've kicked some vampire-mind-spider tail.

    Squillace is also the name of the producer, o' course....

    It's Tuesday, May 21 of a year unknown (At "04" PM?), and in alt-world, the Squillacci first invaded and took over two years ago. Assuming that their appearance at the beginning of the pilot ep was that first appearance, the teaser and NTN report took place about a year and 4-5 months before Rusty powered up for the first time in September or October. At that time, Dr. Slate would still have been working on the early prototypes of Rusty.

    Given that, in ep 107 a Quark scientist discovered how to travel across galaxies with his quantum thingie, was time travel far behind? 'Course not. And it's inspiring to see that Dr. Slate so respects the work of her predecessors in dimensional travel, the Drs. Banzai, that she sends Big Guy hurtling towards a wall with crosshairs painted on it.

    Char damage meter: Dwayne and Rusty's pride, mostly.

    BRG-118: "Harddrive" by Eddie Guzelian
    Directed by Chap Yaep
    Overseas Animation: Dr. Movie

    There's a new robot in town. And folks, this town ain't big enough for Big Guy and Harddrive.

    Char damage meter: Remarkably low, all things considered. The Legend-1 kinda suffers, though, as does its namesake.

    Dwayne saves Harley Griffin (which shows that Dwayne is just Too Good to Live). Shippy moment du jour: Slate and Dwayne sit and talk while watching Rusty play ball.

    BRG-119: "5000 Fingers of Rusty" by Alexx Van Dyne
    Directed by Curt Walstead
    Overseas Production: Koko Enterprise

    Home Version Rusty -- just $39.95. But wait, there's more! There's also the Legion Ex Machina's override command to destroy New Tronic City. Now how much would you pay?

    Char damage meter: Dr. Slate gets thrown across the room again. She also falls from a ceiling duct. Ouch! OTOH, Dwayne is back to no mercy for threats to the doc and the kid. The Legion Rusty that tries to toast Slate ends up being scraped off the bottom of Big Guy's shoe.

    BRG-120: "The Champ" by Eddie Guzelian
    Directed by Andy Thom
    Overseas Production: Dr. Movie Animation
    2/23/01, 3/24/01

    Po the Obliterator challenges Earth's mightiest champion to step forth and fight, or watch the Earth destroyed. Gee, "Big Guy the Really Big Fighting Guy", guess that's you!

    Char damage meter: Lots and lots and lots.

    BRG-121: "Sickout" by David Slack
    Directed by Dave Bullock
    Overseas Animation: Koko Enterprise

    When an alien monster spreads an alien plague, Earl must be recommissioned to help Rusty obtain computer data while Dwayne captures said monster. So what if he fails?

    "She locks horns with disaster...."

    Char damage meter: Dwayne catches the creeping crud and Earl loses his head again.

    BGR-122: "Nephew of Neugog" by Roger S.H. Schulman
    Directed by Chap Yaep
    Overseas Production: Dongwoo Animation

    Send a psycho/psychic to catch same, bring back the evil Pierre, and have Rusty save Dr. Slate and Dwayne. All in one episode!

    Char damage meter: Comatose Dr. Slate.

    BGR-123: "The Lower Depths" by Steven Melching
    Directed by Curt Walstead
    Overseas Production: Dr. Movie Animation

    This episode has no connection to Cthulhu or the Deep Ones. Nope, nope, nope. Not at all. Scariest first act in the series, no question.

    Char damage meter: I don't want to leak any spoilers.

    BGR-124: "Rumble in the Jungle" by Alexx Van Dyne
    Directed by Andy Thom
    Overseas Production: Dr. Movie

    When a giant two-headed ape threatens the peaceful Congo, Big Guy and Rusty go overseas. When Rusty goes MIA, Dr. Slate does, too. And when Dr. Donovan sees the remote chance of a profit from genetic engineering, he goes on safari with Jenny as his native guide. You may begin feeling sorry for everyone, including the monster.

    "Watch out for that tree...."

    BGR-125: "Double Time" (Part 1) by David Slack
    Directed by Dave Bullock
    Overseas Production: Dongwoo Animation

    When the Legion Ex Machina create a ringer for Big Guy, they suddenly find out the truth about the BGY-11 program and go on a rampage through every main character (except Donovan, unfortunately). Can Dwayne fight off the Legion with his bare hands? Will Rusty fall for the plot? And where on the Dark Horse are Dwayne's quarters, which we see for the first time?

    BGR-126: "Double Time (Part 2)" by Eddie Guzelian
    Directed by Chap Yaep
    Overseas Production: Dongwoo Animation

    Having learned the truth, the Legion creates a double of Dwayne and proceeds to try to replace him. Will they succeed? Will Dwayne survive? And what will the good guys do to strike back?

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