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This is where you can find filksongs, essays, and other fan-made things. So if you have some, send them to me and let me post them, or tell me where to link to them!


"Patriot Games" by Maureen S. O'Brien


Download this nice little freeware computer game which can be customized. These folks did Battle of the Planets custom images for both Mac and PC. I have a PC, so I made a BG&R bitmap with pictures of some of our folks. If anybody would like to make a Mac version I'll put it up.

To play the PC version: Install the .zip file and my bitmap in the same directory. Unzip the .zip file. You'll get an .exe file (the game), a .txt file (the read-me file), and a bunch of .bmps (including mine). "Options/Load Bitmap" will let you pick out whatever set of game pieces you want to use.

The object of the game is to 1) match as many tiles as possible, thus clearing them from the board. Tiles on top of vanished tiles move down. If an entire column of tiles is cleared out, the columns to the right move left. The trick is to plan ahead, so as not to leave tiles isolated without matches. The cute bit is that the tiles look different when you move your mouse on top of them. In my bitmap, the characters smile at you.

Have fun!

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